Monday, February 02, 2009

Half Full?

I just read a great post on THIS blog about attitude. So, I will NOT take up time complaining about how extremely tired I am, how my head feels like it's going to explode, how I SHOULD be getting the oil changed in my car right now, but I'm sitting at my computer instead, how I ate a brownie for breakfast instead of my usual healthy stuff, how my kitchen is a complete and total disaster, how I have a ton of laundry that needs to be done today, or how Manuel (Danny's dad) has his surgery today at 12:30 and we're not sure how well he'll do (please say a prayer for him!).

Instead, I will only focus on the good stuff today. Like the fact that Eddie slept through the night without a teething episode or gas, or that the sun is shining and it should be a great day for the kids to play outside, or my husband has an extra-curricular activity that he enjoys that takes up ONLY two nights a month, or Anna didn't whine or complain AT ALL this morning, or my meds should kick in ANY minute and I should be feelin' good, or I get to do my taxes today and hopefully have a big fat refund in a couple of weeks (I actually really enjoy doing my taxes. I know, I'm a nerd.)!

Today will be a half full day. I will NOT be a "negative nellie". I will try to change my attitude and make it a great day. Will you?


Ginny said...

Okay, so let's all be positive Pollyanna today! Gideon is staying at school late today so I can catch up on some school paperwork, I made extra pizza last and don't have to cook, and there is nothing on the calendar for tonight so I get to go home and relax!

Gabby said...

RYC: I'm trying not to get down because of your Half Full post, AND because on my last blog I had some nasty anonymous comments by people who loved to tear me down when I was being just a little bit whiny. That was part of the reason for the blog change. Part. But, anyway, if I'm not negative, no one can trash me. (Although, they don't seem to have found me yet. Mwahahaha....)