Friday, September 10, 2010

I've been busy...

This lovely bookshelf (above) came from Anna's room. It was used and abused, as you can see. It was a $10 Craigslist find, so I wasn't too upset about the condition that I found it in. We were going to put it in our garage sale, but I thought I could put it to use somewhere else in the house. So, I thought it would work in our back entry as a way to organize our giant mess of shoes (below). Unfortunately, the bookshelf was too big as it was and was an instant magnet for junk.
So, I tweaked it a bit using a jigsaw and black paint. I love it! The bins were a Target find for only $4.98 each!!! They were regularly $19.99 each! I already owned the jigsaw, pillows, and black paint, so my total cost was only $10! The bench is perfect for sitting and putting shoes on, and the kids use it as a way to reach their backpacks and jackets that are high on the hooks! What do you think?

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Eddie's First Day of School!

I have no pictures because we were in a hurry and it was pouring rain outside! Eddie was super excited to get to school this morning and had no problem with me leaving him! He made a new friend, Jake, and another one he calls "dookie". I'm pretty sure that "dookie" doesn't exist, but it's his new favorite word. Anna and Tommy just crack up when he says it, so he tries to work it into every conversation! Oh well. I just hope he doesn't say it at school! Eddie was really upset when I picked him up because he was soaked with rain, and it took me almost 25 minutes to get through the pick-up line! A trip to McDonald's and one happy meal later and Eddie was a happy guy! He can't wait to go back to school on Monday!