Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just Plain Creepy

I have issues with this bear. He creeps me out. BIG time. I just think it is so wrong that teddy bears talk. He makes me want to run and hide and I really think his character in Toy Story 3 is so fitting.
But it's not just this talking bear that creeps me out. It's ALL talking bears. Remember Teddy Ruxpin? Ugh. Just his name makes my skin crawl, but the worst talking bear was the one from AI. Oh man. I had nightmares about him for days after I saw the movie! So there you have it. Talking bears give me the creeps.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pink - by Anna Najera 4/13/10

Pink is a newborn infant sleeping.
Pink is a spring dress a girl wears for Easter.
Pink is a satin ribbon for brown hair.
Pink is a butterfly flying in a garden.
Pink tastes like cold, pink lemonade that's sour.
Pink smells like a fresh picked rose.
Pink sounds like a little whisper or cry.
Pink feels like a washed cotton blanket.
Pink looks like a tiny little pearl or opal.
Pink makes me feel sweet.
Pink is my favorite color of all.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Day 8

Yes, I know, I skipped day 7, but I have pictures to post from that, and I just haven't had the time to download them.

Today started out okay and went downhill from there. Eddie decided that Carter's head made a great nail for his hammer and wacked the crap out of poor Carter. Don't worry, Carter's fine, I haven't even seen any bruising. Then, Tommy decided that his hair needed to be more spikey, so he cut it himself with his safety scissors in the bathroom! Now, he has huge gaps of hair missing from the top of his head! Not long after that, Eddie started throwing up. Great. Not a good day. Mandie's kids have been fine, but a little whiney. I don't blame them. With the way my kids are acting today, I'm a little whiney, too!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Day 5 and 6

Carter went into the office on Tuesday morning to get his juice, and less than a minute later he was in tears with blood streaming down his face! I have no idea what happend, but Carter was fine 5 minutes later and playing with Eddie. He now has a lovely mark right in between his eyes!
The honeymoon is over for these two, and they spend a lot of time fighting. There are some good moments when they actually get along, but it really helps to have the older kids around!

Yesterday was Tommy's kinder graduation. They did a great job singing their songs and the slide show was too cute! You can see Tommy in the front row in the dark green shirt.

Tommy LOVES Mrs. Woods and is so sad that she won't be his teacher anymore, but he is really excited that today is the last day of school! You can also see that he's lost his front two teeth!


Anna's soccer team went undefeated this year, even through their tournament!! Her coaches even put them in the top tier of the tournament, so they would have some major competition, but our girls are AWESOME! She's not on the Lady Pumas anymore because the team no longer exists, so we put her in the draft and she was put on the Panthers. I couldn't be happier with the team, and most especially, the coaches!! One of her coaches is the McKinney Fire Chief and the girls call him Coach Chief. He's so supportive and the girls love him! They played positions this year, and Anna never played positions before, so she had a lot of adjusting to do! She learned quickly and loves soccer now! I guess it doesn't hurt when you win every game!