Thursday, May 05, 2011

Random Update

It looks like Anna's trying to strangle Eddie, but she's just giving him some love! Eddie loves to climb into bed with Anna and snuggle before I put him in his bed. He always begs to sleep with her! Anna is now taking piano lessons and loves to play the piano and practice her recorder for school!
Tommy is doing well in school, and his reading has improved drastically, but he has some major organizational problems! We're working on that. He's already grown an inch taller in the past 5 months!

Eddie went through a pajama phase back in winter and spring. He would wear them ALL DAY LONG! He even wore them to the baby-sitter's house a couple of times! I swear, I couldn't get him out of his jammas to save his life! He's now the complete opposite! If he could be naked all day he would! Now that he's potty-trained he actually sleeps better, and prefers his bed as opposed to the couch! He sleeps right through Tommy talking in his sleep! Yay!!!