Monday, July 02, 2012

Lego Dorks


What do you get when you cross Count Dooku, Lumberjack Guy, and Obi Wan Kenobi?  You get George Lucas!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Tulips die
They will grow back
Spring Flower
When the rays of sunshine hit them
They could burn up
Delicate flower

This is a poem Tommy wrote at school. I was suprised when I saw it because he HATES writing, but he was actually pretty proud of this poem!  It's very Tommy.  I thought I would post this today because Tommy is not feeling well. He has a viral infection that is causing a horrible cough, and he's actually missing one of the last three days of school!  Poor guy.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dallas Zoo!

Last Wednesday, Eddie's preschool took a trip to the Dallas Zoo!  It took some crazy rescheduling for me to be able to go, but it was SO worth it!  We haven't been to the Dallas Zoo in about two years, so I was really surprised by how much it has changed!
 The boys gravitated to ANY thing they could climb on!  Eddie was constantly wandering off to climb on something!
 There's an entire herd of these big elephants and Eddie loved "riding" it!
 The penquins were one of Eddie's favorites.  Unfortunately, the tank was having some trouble the day we went, so the penguins mainly stayed out of the water.

 The new savannah exhibit is probably the biggest change they made!  It's amazing!! Eddie and I enjoyed chilling at the Base Camp and watching the elephants.
 The giraff exhibit is SO cool!  You can buy food to feed them and they eat right out of your hand and get in your face! 
 Thanks to another parent there, Eddie got some lettuce to feed the giraff.  That's his little hand you see below. SO fun!
We ended our trip at the Children's Zoo, where Eddie got COMPLETELY soaked! He loved playing in the water, but sadly, I didn't seem to get any pics of him there.  Overall, it was a great trip, and now that the zoo is so much nicer, I might have to renew our family membership!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Muddy Mess

On Sunday evening, I went outside to water some plants.  This is what happened when the kids discovered mud.  It was all Anna's idea, and they had the time of their lives!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fishy Business

I found a picture of the fish that Anna caught at Sky Ranch!  As you can see, she's holding it as far away from her as possible!  Not all the kids caught a fish, so Anna was pretty excited!

Anna has soccer practice at a park that has a small pond with a dock.  Usually, the boys will stick to the playground, but one day we went exploring and discovered that there are tons of fish and turtles in this pond who LOVE to be fed! 

These fish are BRUTAL.  You can see them jumping out of the water to get to the bread!  The kids love to sit on the dock and feed the fish every time we go to soccer practice!  The light hits the water just right in the evening and we can see almost to the bottom of the pond.  It's fun to watch the fish and Eddie loves it when the family of turtles swim by! (Please excuse the poor iphone pics.)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sky Ranch

Anna went to Sky Ranch last Wednesday through Friday.  It's a sleepaway camp that all the fifth graders go to, and it's a huge deal.  Anna was SO excited and was packed almost a month in advance!  She got her own camera for Christmas and came back from camp with 202 pictures!  I'll spare you from having to look at all 202, so I picked out some for your viewing pleasure.  Below is a picture of Anna and Kaitlyn, who is a friend from church.  Kaitlyn's mom went to camp with the kids as a chaperone and was kind enough to send me text updates on Anna and kept her eye out for her.

Anna took several pics of Sky Lake.  This is one of her faves.

Below is Anna's "group."  These are her best buds and they were all lucky enough to be in the same cabin!

Do you see that little speck to the left hanging from the zip line?  That's Anna in the bright pink helmet.  I'm so proud of her for going on the zip line!  It was really high and apparently one of the teachers had a freak out moment before going on it, so it was a little scary for Anna.  She loved it, though!

There were several self portraits of Anna in her pics.  She said that she would get bored and practice taking pictures of herself.  This one was cute, and had a great view of the dock where Anna caught her first fish!!  Anna didn't get a picture of it, but a couple of the other parents did.  As soon as I get a hold of a pic I'll post it on here.

Anna LOVED Sky Ranch and came home with a million stories and new life experiences.  I'm so glad she had the opportunity to go!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fire Station Trip

Eddie's preschool class took a trip to the fire station at the beginning of the month.
I was able to switch my schedule around so that I could go with him! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. The pics are from Angie Lewis, one of the other moms who came and was smart enough to bring her camera! Thanks for sharing the pictures Angie!!
Eddie wanted nothing to do with the fire hat, but he loved looking at all of the cool equipment!