Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fishy Business

I found a picture of the fish that Anna caught at Sky Ranch!  As you can see, she's holding it as far away from her as possible!  Not all the kids caught a fish, so Anna was pretty excited!

Anna has soccer practice at a park that has a small pond with a dock.  Usually, the boys will stick to the playground, but one day we went exploring and discovered that there are tons of fish and turtles in this pond who LOVE to be fed! 

These fish are BRUTAL.  You can see them jumping out of the water to get to the bread!  The kids love to sit on the dock and feed the fish every time we go to soccer practice!  The light hits the water just right in the evening and we can see almost to the bottom of the pond.  It's fun to watch the fish and Eddie loves it when the family of turtles swim by! (Please excuse the poor iphone pics.)

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