Friday, January 30, 2009

Backseat driver

This is what I heard from the backseat today on my way to Ikea.

"Mommy! Mommy! Turn! Turn NOW! We're going to CRASH!"

"Oh, good! You turned, we didn't crash!"

"WOW! Look at that cool car! Mommy! Go faster! The cool car is going away!"

"Mommy! Go faster! You're going too slow!"

"Faster! Go faster!"

"Ooh...look at that mommy! Do you see that thing over there? Mommy! Look! Why aren't you looking?!"

"Darn it. A red light."

"Green! Green! It's green mommy! Go! Go! GO!"

"Which way mommy? That way? That way? That way? That way, or that way?"

"Why are we going that way mommy?"

"Are we going to the old Kee-ah, or the new Kee-ah?"

"Wow, this is a new path, mommy!"

"Look! Look! There's Kee-ah! I see Kee-ah! Look mommy! We made it!"

And I was concerned that this kid wasn't going to talk.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Okay, so I've been through this before with Tommy, and now I'm doing it again with Eddie. I was really hoping that Eddie wouldn't have to go through all of this, but sadly, he is. He had his evaluation done this morning and this is how he scored. Just so you know, he's 16 months old (almost 17 months).

Cognitive - 16 months -right on track
Communication - 10 months - delayed
Social Emotional - 29 months - advanced
Physical - 16 months - right on track
Adaptive - 15 months - not considered delayed because he's only one month behind

Because he scored 6 months or lower on his commication skills, he qualifies for services. He will begin when he's 18 months, in March, and most likely have speech therapy. Tommy scored about the same on his communication, and scored much higher on his physical than Eddie did, but lower on his social emotional. It's interesting to see their differences.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Before and After

The picture above is what we had for our entertainment center. It was cute, but it's all Target furniture and not very sturdy. It was time for some grown-up furniture. This is our new fabulous entertainment center. Please excue the horrible mess and the lack of organization. Oh, and the red at the bottom is Eddie's feet and legs! We LOVE our new entertainment center and we can't wait to buy a bigger TV to fill it up! We got this off of Craigslist by the way. It was a really good deal, but the seller lived in Keller! Danny borrowed the Law's truck (my visiting teacher, who is SO wonderful!) and drove down on Thursday night. This thing is huge, and it barely fit in the truck! It took Danny forever getting home, and we finally got it all unloaded after 11:30pm! It's so worth it, though!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Free Books!

Hi guys! I just cleaned out one of my bookshelves, and I have a small stack of books to give away. If you're interested, just let me know, and it's yours. Nothing too exciting, but here they are:

Grimm's Fairy Tales
A student sized Webster's Thesaurus and Dictionary
Sphere - Michael Crichton
Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother's Soul
How to Clean Practically Anthing (this book's publishing date is 1992, so it's more than 15 years old)
365 TV-Free Activities you can do with your child
What We Wish We'd Known When We Were Newlyweds - John and Kimberly Bytheway
Back to the Future Part III - a book based on the movie

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

True Confessions

1. So, this morning, I turned on Diego for Eddie, and Diego said, "Can you talk like a llama?" and I thought he said, "Can you talk like Obama?" and I nearly had a heart attack! I was thinking, "Not you too, Diego!"

2. Speaking of Obama, the crowds at every event and ball that he attended yesterday creeped me out when they started chanting "O-Bam-A! O-Bam-A!" Blind hero worship is what makes dictators, not American Presidents. Scary.

3. I didn't like Kelly Clarkson from the very beginning simply because she was from Burleson, Texas. Yeah, I know, it was petty, but now I really enjoy her music. Have you heard her new single, "My Life Would Suck Without You"? It's pretty good.

4. I HATE litterless lunch day! I BEGGED Anna to buy her lunch today, but she refused. For those of you who don't know, litterless lunch is where the kids bring their lunch in reusable containers, so there is no trash to throw away. It's hard to pack a lunch for a kid who doesn't like sandwiches a lunch with containers. She always has a bag of pretzels, or chips, some peaches, applesauce, fruit snacks, juice box, and a granola bar. All of which I had to take out of the original packaging and put in a container that will have to be washed later! Her lunchbox was bulging because of those stupid containers!

5. Eddie slept in my bed last night. He's been waking up around 4am, and has trouble going back to sleep, so I stuck him in bed with me with his sippy cup full of milk. This is something I should NOT be doing, but I was SO tired, and Danny wouldn't get up with him because he has a concert tonight. (Oh, and by the way, Danny's getting a new permanent sub tomorrow. We'll see how this new one works out. This is the one that Danny wanted to hire from the very beginning, but they wanted the other guy! Cross your fingers that she's a hard worker!)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Anna finally got a 4 (the highest grade, I know, I'm not a fan of this scale either) in music AND art class! I don't know why she always got 3's in the past, but I'm glad they finally gave her a 4! She totally deserves it!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm Addicted

Dr. Mario has always been one of my faves, but now that I can play it on the Wii against people all over the world, I'm hooked. I didn't get the kids to bed on time the other night because I was busy playing a girl from Japan.
I'm addicted, and I don't care.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Eddie's new girlfriend

Aren't they so cute? This is Eddie and Tegan playing in the hallway at church. They're both too young to go in the nursery, so they hang out outside and play with some of the toys. Tegan was on the snail first when Eddie just came and nearly squashed her trying to get on it! Tegan's mom was so great to get a picture of them together! She joked that we would be showing this picture at their wedding reception!

Monday, January 05, 2009

My Favorite Songs of 2008

I'm totally copying Mandie, but I saw her list and it got me thinking. I have a ton of favorites, and some may not be from '08, but here are some:
Gotta Be Somebody - Nickelback
Rockstar - Nickelback
Leave Out All the Rest - Linkin Park
What I've Done - Linkin Park
Shake It - Metro Station
Fall For You - Second Hand Serenade
Viva la Vida - Coldplay
That's What you Get - Paramore
The Pretender - Foo Fighters
I Don't Wanna Be in Love - Good Charlotte
Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings
Let it Rock - Kevin Rudolf
Nine in the Afternoon - Panic at the Disco
Love Remains the Same - Gavin Rossdale
Addicted - Saving Abel
The Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin
How Far We've Come - Matchbox Twenty

A Little Freaky....

I was flipping through the channels last night, and I found one of my favorite shows, Clean House, so, I checked the info on it to see if I'd already seen it. This is what it said:

"The Najera Family" - Niecy Nash brings her team to growing family that is struggling to live in a small home with little storage space.

That is SO my house, except mine isn't near as messy and cluttered as their's was! What are the odds?

Thursday, January 01, 2009


I hope everyone has a great year! Last night, Danny and I were too tired, so we rang in the new year while we were sleeping. I know, lame, but we did have some friends over last night. My friend, Beverly, and her family, were in town, so they came over for dinner and games. Anna and Miranda spent the night playing in Anna's room, but William and Tommy didn't get along that well. William was scared of Tommy, and opted to play with Eddie instead. Smart kid. We were really sad to see them go, but hopefully we'll get to see them again during the summer!