Friday, January 30, 2009

Backseat driver

This is what I heard from the backseat today on my way to Ikea.

"Mommy! Mommy! Turn! Turn NOW! We're going to CRASH!"

"Oh, good! You turned, we didn't crash!"

"WOW! Look at that cool car! Mommy! Go faster! The cool car is going away!"

"Mommy! Go faster! You're going too slow!"

"Faster! Go faster!"

"Ooh...look at that mommy! Do you see that thing over there? Mommy! Look! Why aren't you looking?!"

"Darn it. A red light."

"Green! Green! It's green mommy! Go! Go! GO!"

"Which way mommy? That way? That way? That way? That way, or that way?"

"Why are we going that way mommy?"

"Are we going to the old Kee-ah, or the new Kee-ah?"

"Wow, this is a new path, mommy!"

"Look! Look! There's Kee-ah! I see Kee-ah! Look mommy! We made it!"

And I was concerned that this kid wasn't going to talk.

1 comment:

Ginny said...

Sounds like speech therapy has been effective!