Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Star Wars and Six Flags

Today Danny and I went to the Star Wars Exhibit with Tommy and dropped Anna off at Six Flags with mom. Anna got a free ticket when she completed a reading program at school, and was dying to use it, but she didn't really want to go see the Star Wars stuff with us, so this was a great arrangement. I'll post pictures of Anna's trip when mom sends me some, and tell you more about it then. Tommy broke our camera, so we didn't take pictures during the actual exhibit, which was really neat. Tommy and Danny watch or play Star Wars almost every day, so we thought Tommy would enjoy this. You should see Tommy "use the force" against Danny, it's hilarious! He LOVED the huge model of the Millenium Falcon, and the R2 robot, and really liked all the hands on exhibits, but we wanted to take some pictures. When we left the exhibit, there was a company that does these cool pictures, and we had Tommy's picture taken. He wouldn't really stand still, but these guys were great and were able to work with him pretty well. Due to his attitude at the time, they felt that this would be the best pose for him. Here's Sith Lord Tommy:

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Am I weird?

Is it just me, or does anyone else get a high off of cleaning stuff out and throwing or giving it away? I don't know what it is, but when I'm cleaning out a closet, or pantry, or whatever, my heart starts pounding and I get excited. I LOVE cleaning out closets, pantries, bedrooms, you name it, I like to clean it out. What gets me most excited it throwing or giving stuff away. I just love to see it leave my house! The fuller my trash can is, the happier I am. It doesn't have to be just my stuff either. I get the same way when I help others clean out. I love hearing about it, too! Danny has been spending one day a week helping his mom clean out their apartment and storage unit, and I love hearing about the stuff they've thrown away, sold, or given to charity. I sometimes get jealous that Danny gets to go over there and help his mom clean out! I know, I'm crazy, but I can't stand clutter! It drives me nuts!! I have a hard time going into Anna's room because of the amount of clutter that she has in there. When I'm in there, I seriously obsess over what needs to be cleaned out and thrown away! I just finished cleaning out 2 bookcases (I threw away 4 bags of papers, I have a box to be shredded, and another bag to sell to Half Price Books!) and I'm still on a high! I love looking at my clean bookshelves, and now I'm looking for something else to organize! I can't wait!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Anna's 1st trip to the Dentist

There's been a lot going on, but I just haven't had time on the computer to blog about it. I also won't have pictures for a while because Tommy destroyed our digital camera last night. We're not quite sure what he did to it, or even how he managed to do it! Boys.

So, Anna had her first dentist appointment last Saturday. She was really nervous, so I bribed her with an early birthday present if she got through the visit without freaking out or crying. The staff was super nice and they gave Anna all sorts of free stuff like, a t-shirt, little flossers, Disney Princess toothbrush, tons of toothpaste, and coins that she can redeem for prizes on her next visit. I was worried about the condition of her teeth, but after looking at the initial x-rays, everything looked good. The dentist came in and took a look at her top two teeth (the chipped ones) and ordered a panoramic x-ray to see how far along her permanent teeth were, as well as her molars. They normally don't do this until after the child turns 6, but since Anna would be 6 in less than a month, they went ahead and did it. (I'm so glad they did, because we would have had to go back in a couple of months to do it, and it would have been expensive!) Her top 2 teeth should be the next to fall out, which I am SO happy about! Anna was a trooper and did REALLY well. She only freaked out once when the hygenist pulled out her tooth scraper thingy to do her cleaning. Way to go Anna! Oh, and Anna lost another tooth at the bottom on Thursday, so that makes 4 teeth lost in less than 10 months!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lucky Anniversary

On Sunday, Danny and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary. We didn't think anything of it until we heard all the hoopla about 7-7-07. Up until that point, we didn't realize that this will be our 7th anniversary on the 7th month of the 7th year! Isn't that neat?