Thursday, March 24, 2011

Potty Training

I hate potty training. I really, REALLY do. During spring break, Danny and I decided to just get it over with. Eddie is 3 1/2, so he's definitely old enough, but he just didn't want to even look at the toilet. Well, we took away the diapers right after Julie's wedding, and MADE him sit on that darn toilet! I definitely have to say this was my least favorite spring break of all time. It's time consuming to potty train a kid who's not that into it, and I nearly gave up at least 5 different times. There might have been some crying and hysteria involved, but we won't get into that. After dozens of accidents though, Eddie finally "got it" last Friday and he hasn't looked back!! He even gave up his night time diapers!! I have been so blessed with my kids and night-time potty issues! I wet the bed FOREVER, but NONE of my children have! Eddie even woke me up a couple of days ago at 1am so I could take him to the potty! Wow. He has been accident-free for 5 days, 6 if you include today! Yay Eddie!!!