Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I WON!!!

I hardly ever win anything, but last night, at the Fall Festival at Anna's school, I won 2 tickets to a Mav's game! I am SO excited to go! The last Mavs game we went to was at Reunion Arena, so Danny and I are both looking forward to seeing them play at the AAC! Finally, going to PTA meetings has paid off!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Bad Picture

Here's Tommy's school picture for his PPCD class. I scanned it from the black-and-white proof the school gave me, so that's why the quality is so bad. I completely forgot that it was picture day,and I let Tommy pick out his shirt. He chose a plain ash-colored shirt. I also didn't comb his hair that morning, either. We got to school and his teacher took one look at him and said "Um, did you remember it was school picture day?" Of course I would have, had I not stayed up almost the entire night before with Eddie, but I didn't. Pictures, for some insane reason, were to be taken AFTER snack time, and, of course, Tommy spilled water all down the front of his shirt durning snack time! He has a set of clean clothes in the classroom for accidents just like this, but did the teacher think about that? No. She decided to turn his shirt around backwards for his picture! His hair is also sticking up weird in the back so it looks like he has an awfully mis-shaped head! His face is cute, but everything else is all wrong! Sigh...I hate to say it, but he certainly LOOKS developmentally delayed in this picture!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Turn it up!

I do a lot of driving when I teach, so to make it more bearable, I love to listen to music. Who doesn't? Sometimes I turn it up really loud and sing along, depending on the song. I don't get a chance to do that at any other time because I have kids in the car. My most recent faves are: Matchbox 20 - "How Far We've Come", Avril Lavigne - "Girlfriend", Maroon 5 - "Makes me Wonder", Evanesence - "Wake me up Inside", Fall out Boy - "Thnks fr th Mmrs", Timbaland/One Republic - "Apologize" and, of course, anything Green Day. There are a ton others, but this gives you an idea. What are your favorites?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Left Behind

I got a frantic phone call from Tommy's PPCD teacher this morning telling me that she forgot to put him on the bus! There are 2 PPCD classes in a row, so when Tommy's class gets picked up, the next class gets dropped off. Tommy got put in the group of kids for the next class, and no one noticed until they got into the classroom! The teacher was so apologetic and frazzled, I almost felt sorry for her. Almost. I was peeved that this could happen, and grateful that nothing worse happened to Tommy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10 Things

1. I love it when my kids are in bed and I can veg out on the couch with Danny.
2. Sleeping babies are so cute!
3. I love it when Eddie lets me know that he needs a diaper change. Tommy can go all day without telling me, and the only way I know is by the smell or the trail that he leaves behind. I know, yuck.
4. Finding the things you need at the store and they're on sale!
5. A clean house is a happy house. I have a hard time dealing with big messes. They drive me nuts!
6. Ahhh...cooler weather! Isn't it wonderful?
7. Anna got 20 out of 20 correct on her last math test!
8. Candy corn! Yum!
9. I love making home improvements! Even small stuff like putting up a motion-senor flood light in the back. It makes me feel safer.
10. Free baby-sitters!! They are the best!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Ketchup Connoisseur

Yesterday, when I gave Tommy his hot dog, I put Hunts ketchup on his plate instead of Heinz. He took a bite, and refused to eat any more of the ketchup. He went straight to the fridge and got out the Heinz bottle and insisted that I put it on his plate. I thought that was strange, so I tried the Hunts again today, but this time I didn't let him see me put it on his plate. The results were the same! Who would have thought that a 3-year-old would have a ketchup preference?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Sleep is a wonderful thing. It really is, and you don't truly appreciate it until you don't get enough of it. Eddie loves to sleep. He is a wonderful sleeper during the day, but at night, he just doesn't do it! We've tried to flip his schedule, but nothing has worked. Tommy has been sick with awful allergies and congestion and hasn't been sleeping well at night either. Last night, Danny got up with Eddie, while I was up with Tommy. We barely got any sleep at all! I miss sleeping....