Monday, March 31, 2008

Waiting Game

Danny's interview went fairly well on Friday, and he was told that there would be a second round of interviews with the principal sometime this week. So, now we wait for the call or e-mail and see if he made the cut. This part sucks. They want to have the position filled by the end of this week, so we won't be waiting for long. Please pray that Danny gets a second interview! It was a miracle that he got a first, though. This position was posted EVERYWHERE, so there were more than 100 that applied for the job! Danny made the top 7, which is great, but he really wants the job, and I do too! This school is less than 10 minutes from home!
There will be 2 inter-district interviews for the position this Friday. Those get priority, so if they don't hire one of those 2, then Danny has a pretty good chance. He was one of only 2 of the 7 that they e-mailed and asked for recordings of his band. So, Danny made the top 2. Let's cross our fingers that they don't hire within the district, then he'll get a second interview for sure!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fossil Rim

Last Wednesday, Tommy, Anna, and I went to Fossil Rim with my mom, my niece Randi, her daughter Mary, my sister Missy, her husband and son Ben, and my other sister Mandie and her huband and son Carter and daughter Abby. My mom is awesome and paid for us all to go. We had a great time, except when my gas light came on halfway through! It was a miracle that we made it to a gas station without running out of gas! My mom, Randi, and Mary were in my car with my kids. Let me tell you, Randi is superwoman. She somehow changed Tommy in the van while we were driving through Fossil Rim and she killed two bees that made their way into the car. Tommy swatted at one and got stung on the finger, but the bee survived and fell into his shirt. Randi fished it out, and killed it, and hunted down the other bee and calmly grabbed it with a tissue. Of course I was freaking out the whole time, and Anna was cowering in the back under her blanket! Oh, did I mention that she's pregnant, too? Tommy's favorite animal was the zebra, but he didn't like it sticking it's head into the car, and he loved sitting on my lap while I drove and pretending to drive! I felt a little like Brittney Spears, though. Anna was in charge of the animal guide and pointing out the names of the of animals that we saw, and she did a great job! We also went to Dinosaur Valley State Park for a couple of minutes to let the kids check out the huge dinosaur statues! Hopefully we'll get to spend more time there this summer and check out the dino footprints! Thanks for the great day mom!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pray for Danny!

Hello, everyone! Please pray for Danny! He has a job interview here in McKinney tomorrow morning at 8am. He REALLY wants to be a head band director, but so far he's been passed over for 4 positions. He's getting a little discouraged at this point, and could use all the help he can get!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Introducing....The Amazing Eduard!

I put Eddie in his seat, the one you see behind him, and left the room to put something away. I heard him crying, but he quickly stopped, so I continued what I was doing. I came back and found him just like this!! The only thing that Danny and I can come up with is, he fell out of his seat, although I have NO IDEA how he did it, and was happy with the mess that he found on the floor!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Clorox Clean-Up, I love you!

I love this stuff. Not just in a, I-think-it's-great-it-cleans-my-bathroom way, but in a, I-could-never-live-my-life-without-you way. Danny and I discovered its magical properties one day when we were desperate to get an ugly stain out of the carpet. I had tried EVERYTHING, even the Clorox Bleach Pen, but nothing worked! So, Danny grabbed the Clorox Clean-Up and gave it a try. I was horrified. I thought there would be a large discolored spot on my carpet, but nope, the stain was gone and the carpet looked GREAT. Well, today, Tommy decided to help himself to some Jell-O while I was in the shower. And you can see what happened below. There was Jell-O splattered all accross abot half of the living room!
Tommy was sad because all of his beloved snack was all over the floor, and I was so mad that he had made such a huge mess! I scooped it all up, soaked the carpet with warm water and grabbed my Clorox Clean-Up. It had worked before, but I had never done it on such a large area of carpet, so I was nervous. I sprayed it on, and like magic, the red was GONE! I used my steamer to get the excess water and Clorox out of the carpet, and....
Ta da! The carpet is fabulously clean! Can you believe it? I LOVE this stuff!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Peter Barr

If you remember a few months ago, I posted about Peter and his wonderful family, well Peter's battle with a brain tumor has ended and he died yesterday. I just sat at my computer and cried when I read that journal entry. Although I didn't know Peter well, I know his parents and brothers and they are an amazing family. As I read their journal detailing his final days, I was taken back 8 years to when dad was in a similar situation. I've been thinking about dad a lot lately, and I think it's interesting that they had such similar final days and Peter died only 4 days after the anniversary of dad's death. I know Peter is in a better place and I'm grateful that his earthly sufferings are through, but I grieve for his family and the tremendous loss that they have suffered. Please say a little prayer for the Barr family this week to help them through this difficult time.

Monday, March 10, 2008


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Friday, March 07, 2008

Second Chance

When it snowed on Monday night, the kids only got to play in it for a little while on Tuesday morning before school, and it melted before Anna got home. But yesterday, it started snowing at 3pm and when I got home from teaching there was already an inch of snow on the ground! Tommy and Anna immediately went out to play when Anna got home from school, and they loved being outside while the HUGE flakes were falling! All after school activities were cancelled and Danny was able to come home early! We ate an early dinner and went outside to play in the almost 4 inches of snow! Danny didn't get a chance to play in the snow earlier in the week, so this was a treat for him and for us! It was a lot of fun playing in the snow as a family and building a snowman together and having a snowball fight! Tommy makes a mean snowball, by the way! I am glad for this second chance so that we could enjoy the snow together! Oh, and for you die-hard soccer fans out there, our snow girl (yes, it's a girl, according to Anna who helped design her) is an AC Milan (if you couldn't read the hat and scarf) snow girl with fake flowers for the eyes and beads for buttons. The carrot nose had a hard time staying on!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Lots of Pictures!

Here are the kids on Saturday night playing in the backyard in their summer clothes! They were making sand soup and pretending to eat it. It was getting dark, but they were begging to stay outside!
This is a bad picture of Eddie, I know, but it does show his yucky eye. He had pink eye this weekend but is all better now, thanks to some eye drops from the doctor. Have you ever tried to put eye drops in a wiggly baby? It's really hard!

Ahh...and our backyard this morning. It's amazing what a few days will do!
I took this one late last night. I just love how the flash catches the falling snow!
Tommy actually LOVED the snow today! He wanted to go out at 6am, but he had to wait until the sun came up. The last time it snowed Tommy cried and cried because it was so cold. He didn't want to come in for breakfast this morning, and he's ready go out again! He also had a bad accident yesterday. The sword that he has in his hand was in his mouth yesterday while he was playing, and he fell. I know, scary, right? The sword went to the roof of his mouth and hit the back of his throat. I was freaking out. At first I thought that he couldn't breathe, but then he started screaming. He had A LOT of trouble swallowing, but after he calmed down he seemed to be fine. I checked out his mouth and the roof is pretty bruised and there's a mark on the back of his throat. I am so glad that nothing worse happened!!
Anna's school is delayed this morning, so she doesn't have to go for another hour. She cried when she found out that Tommy doesn't have to go to school. She didn't think that was fair. Tommy won't go to class today because his class usually ends when school is supposed to start! I didn't get to teach today because of the school delay. I could have because Plano didn't have a delay, but I have to take Anna to school, and Ella Mae was afraid to drive this morning. I don't blame her. I'd rather be safe than sorry, so I'll teach on Thursday instead. Right now, though, we're going to go out and play some more in the snow!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Big News!

Okay, it's just big news to me and Danny, you guys may not even care, but we paid off our Honda 20 months early!! That's almost 2 years! It's SO nice to only have one car payment now and we're working really hard to get that paid off early as well. It's really hard to not go out and buy that new couch that we're wanting, but it's a wonderful feeling to have that car debt gone forever!