Friday, March 28, 2008

Fossil Rim

Last Wednesday, Tommy, Anna, and I went to Fossil Rim with my mom, my niece Randi, her daughter Mary, my sister Missy, her husband and son Ben, and my other sister Mandie and her huband and son Carter and daughter Abby. My mom is awesome and paid for us all to go. We had a great time, except when my gas light came on halfway through! It was a miracle that we made it to a gas station without running out of gas! My mom, Randi, and Mary were in my car with my kids. Let me tell you, Randi is superwoman. She somehow changed Tommy in the van while we were driving through Fossil Rim and she killed two bees that made their way into the car. Tommy swatted at one and got stung on the finger, but the bee survived and fell into his shirt. Randi fished it out, and killed it, and hunted down the other bee and calmly grabbed it with a tissue. Of course I was freaking out the whole time, and Anna was cowering in the back under her blanket! Oh, did I mention that she's pregnant, too? Tommy's favorite animal was the zebra, but he didn't like it sticking it's head into the car, and he loved sitting on my lap while I drove and pretending to drive! I felt a little like Brittney Spears, though. Anna was in charge of the animal guide and pointing out the names of the of animals that we saw, and she did a great job! We also went to Dinosaur Valley State Park for a couple of minutes to let the kids check out the huge dinosaur statues! Hopefully we'll get to spend more time there this summer and check out the dino footprints! Thanks for the great day mom!


Gabby said...

That's an awesome picture of Anna with the dinosaur. The sky's so blue, and the gradient is something you don't get too often!

Ginny said...

Great pictures! I especially like the one of mom in camo!