Friday, June 30, 2006

Another great picture

Here is a great picture of Tommy and his uncle Mike sharing a package of Skittles on the couch, and watching World Cup Soccer. Anna is under that white blanket that you see next to them. She was sick and very grumpy.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sharing Time

This is a great picture of Tommy and Manuel. Every morning, at the end of his breakfast, Manuel would have some fruit, and every morning Tommy would come up to him and want some. So, Manuel sat him on his lap on this particular morning and they shared. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wedding and more

Well, yesterday was the wedding and it was wonderful! I would like to thank mom for going to the temple and watching my kids while Gabby and Brian were being sealed. She was a great help! The reception was held at a beautiful hall with some pretty good food and a FANTASTIC wedding cake! Danny gave the groom's cake (cheese cake) 2 thumbs up! When the music started, Tommy ran to the dance floor and started shaking his little booty! He was a hit! And you can probably guess that Tommy is doing MUCH better! It was obviously a bacterial infection! Anna also had a great time on the dance floor, but she tired pretty quickly. She woke up with a fever this morning! She was REALLY grumpy for the pictures yesterday, and now we know why! She got started on her antibiotics this morning, so we should see some improvement soon! We had a great time, and didn't get home until after midnight! We are so happy for Gabby and Brian!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another Trip to E-Care

Yesterday, Tommy started running a fever at about 11am. We monitored it all day until 9pm when it spiked to almost 103 degrees! So, we decided we needed to take him to our local E-Care Emergency Clinic. Anna was SO good! She stayed at home with abuela and didn't freak out once! She acted so mature! We don't know exactly what is wrong with Tommy, though. He has a very sore throat, but the culture came back negative for Strep. It could be viral, but the doctor didn't want to take any chances, so Tommy is on a Z-pack for the next three days to treat anything that could be bacterial. The Strep culture could have been premature, and show a false negative, so we're not taking any chances. If it's bacterial, he'll be better by the wedding, if it's viral, he will be sick for the next 7-10 days!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Check-ups and Inlaws

So, Tommy had his 2-year-old check-up yesterday and the doctor said, as Tommy was climbing up the exam table, "well, he certainly is a healthy one, isn't he?" He is a whopping 26 pounds now, and only 2 inches shy of 3 feet tall. He's only in the 50th percentile, though. She checked out his head where he got his staple and said it healed great.

In other news, Manuel got in safely yesterday afternoon, and Ella Mae and Nydia will arrive at dinnertime tonight. They are all very excited about the wedding, of course, and looking forward to spending time with all of the family. It's great that Noel and his family are here!

Friday, June 09, 2006

The things toddlers do...

When I was putting away laundry the other day, a pair of Anna's panties fell out of the basket on the way to her room. Well, Tommy grabbed them and decided to put them on his head! I am SO glad that they were clean!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tommy's Birthday

Yesterday was Tommy's 2nd birthday, and we decided to celebrate it by going to the aquarium. We went cheap and went to the one at Fair Park, and the kids loved it! Tommy would point to the fish and say "WOW!" Anna's favorite part were the pregnant sea horses. There was a tank full of them! They also have a room where they do all the fish breeding and you can look in and see all of the baby fish. They had a tank right in front of the window that was full of tiny jelly fish that were no bigger than a thumb nail! We had a great time!