Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yep, it's Strep!

Anna came home with a headache and zero appetite yesterday, so I checked her temp and it was more than 101 degrees. Red flags were going up everywhere, but her doctor was already closed. So, I tried the new Minute Clinic at CVS Pharmacy. There was no wait, and the NP was really nice. It was actually CHEAPER than going to my regular pediatrician! We had a diagnosis and prescription in about 45 minutes. Anna stayed home today with abuela and abuelo while I taught, and she did really well. She will be well enough, and germ-free, to go to school tomorrow!

Holy Crap!

On Sunday, Tommy's class talked about Daniel and the lion's den and they got these cute cut-outs that his teacher put in a plastic bag. I didn't even think about them when we got home from church, and they got left on the floor of the van. Well, this morning, since it was so windy, they almost blew out of the car when I took Tommy to school, and Tommy went after them. He caught them and showed them proudly to his teacher. She ooh-ed and ahh-ed over them and asked Tommy if he wanted to bring it to class to share! So, I was thinking, "Oh, crap, some parent is going to get wind of this and Tommy will be suspended and he's not even in kindergarden yet!" I guess I've spent too much time in Plano ISD, but I worried about it all day! I got home, and took out his folder to find this note from his teacher: "It was a blessing to us for Tommy to bring in the cutout of 'Daniels and the lion's den'! We loved hearing him tell us about the Bible story. Thank you!" Whew! I was glad that Tommy didn't get in trouble and that the teacher enjoyed it, but I will definitely be more careful about what is left in the car!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Gordon B. Hinkley

I was so sad last night when my mom called me and told me that Pres. Hinkley had died. I had had a bad day, but suddenly those things that were bothering me seemed so unimportant. President Hinkley will be missed, but he is in a better place, and finally back with his beloved wife.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Great new song!

I've never heard of this band before, but I think this song is pretty cool! It's called "The Last Night" by Skillet. It's a christian band, but they're actually good! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ejeCJpwChc This is the only link I could find to the song.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Semi-Charmed Life

I had a rough night last night. Tommy WOULD NOT sleep in his bed without me and everytime I would leave him, he'd wake right back up and come running to my room. I love the kid, but I'm NOT climbing into bed with him! I was up with him for about 2 1/2 hours! Tommy would scream if Danny tried to help, so I couldn't even use my back-up! Ugh. Danny only had to wake up with Eddie twice. Lucky. I was DEAD tired driving to school this morning, and trying to figure out how I'd make it through the day without caffeine (I'm not allowed to have any!) when one of my all-time favorite songs came on the radio! Semi-Charmed Life was my favorite song when I was a senior in HS and it always makes me smile. It's also not one of those songs that gets played very often! Yeah, I know it's all about doing drugs, but I guess you can say I'm addicted. (Ha! Ha! Don't you love the corny pun?) I was suddenly wide awake and singing like an idiot at the top of my lungs, and it helped make my morning SO much better! Ahh...the power of music!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Anna's hair is ridiculously long, and it takes a long time at night to brush out all of the tangles. Sometimes, I don't have time to style it, so it goes up in a bun and no one can tell that it hasn't been brushed in days. It drives me nuts! I have finally resorted to bribery. Anna has way more than the 10 inch requirement for hair donation to Locks of Love, so I told her I would buy her ANYTHING, if I could cut her hair 10 inches. ipod, Barbie Dream House, you name it. And her answer? NO!!! I've considered cutting it while she was asleep, but she would hate me forever. Any ideas to get this chick to have a hair cut?

Movie Review - Hot Rod

Danny and I wanted to catch up on our movies, so during the holiday break, we rented about 8 of them. I'm not sure why we rented this one, but it was THE BIGGEST waste of my time. EVER. It was SO stupid! Yes, I laughed in some parts, but overall, this movie is just plain DUMB. If you haven't seen it, good! A big 2 thumbs down!

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Curse

I went to the doctor today and I was told that I have an elevated resting pulse and my heart is prone to excitability. Something about the adrenaline flow to my heart. He said that because of this, it's easy to get my heart rhythm out of whack. A diet rich in potassium, magnesium, and calcium will help, along with a full 8 hours of sleep. Now, I can change the diet, but the sleep thing will be challenging. I can't have any stimulants, and I have to watch what kind of over the counter meds I take because they will raise my BP along with my heart rate. I will have an echocardiogram (sp?) on Friday morning to rule out anything physical problems with my heart and make sure that there's proper blood flow, but he said it should be fine. So, my condition is not serious. Thank goodness! If the echocardiogram is normal, then I have the option of taking a Beta Blocker to help slow down my heart and return it to normal rhythm. I'll just have to play it by ear and see how I feel. Now, I was named after my aunt Virginia Marie, who died at the age of 35 of a heart attack (this is where the curse comes in). My sister, Ginny, was named after her as well. She named her daughter Caroline Marie to carry on the tradition and now all 3 of us have some type of heart issues! So, I can blame this all on my mother for naming me what she did! :) Now, I have another niece who has Marie in her name, and that's Anna's middle name as well! I'll be interested to see if they develop any heart problems! Knock on wood!

So Sad...

Yes, I'm sure everyone knows by now that our beloved Cowboys lost yesterday. I just had a feeling that it would happen, but I was still hoping that in the final seconds, SOMEONE would catch that ball, other than a Giants player! Sadly, the Cowboys have not broken THE CURSE. Which Dallas team will? The Stars, Mavericks, or FC Dallas? Maybe all 3? What are your predictions for the rest of the year?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Eddie's check-up

Eddie had his 4-month check-up on Friday, and for those of you that care, he was in the 50% for weight and 75% for height. Maybe he'll actually be tall! He was 25 and 3/4 inches long and 14 pounds 12 ounces. He's getting so big! Well, you know, in a little baby sense.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My 5.5 hours in the hospital

I posted this on the family blog, but some of you don't check that one, so I'm posting it here to cover all my bases. Yesterday, everything was going fine until I was feeding Eddie on the couch. I was doing nothing strenuous and I was watching cartoons with Tommy when I started to feel dizzy and realized that my heart had begun to race. I quickly put Eddie to bed and began trying to get my heart rate to go down by doing deep breathing and relaxation techniques but NOTHING helped. My heart would race, then slow down and skip a beat or two, then begin to race again. I realized that something was really wrong, so I hopped into the shower and quickly got ready to go. I drove to the hospital with Eddie and Tommy and called Danny when I got there. He quickly left school (it was 1:45) and came and got the kids. When I was called into triage my heart rate was still elevated and my BP was way high. 3 hours later I was able to get a bed in the ER and they did lots of blood work, an EKG, chest X-Ray and had me hooked up to a heart monitor. My blood work was great, my chest X-Ray was perfect, my heart rate had stabilized and my BP was great, but my EKG showed a suspicious dip that shouldn't be there. They were able to rule out A-fib, but they couldn't diagnose the problem in the ER so I am being sent to a Cardiologist. I will see him at the beginning of next week, and most likely I will be put on a 24-hour heart monitor to try to catch what's going on. My heart has occasionally skipped a beat, but it was nothing regular until after I had Eddie, and it got more persistent. Stress and lack of a good night's rest have probably not helped me at all. I will keep everyone posted on my condition, and let you know as soon as there's a diagnosis.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Trying to love my neighbors

Our HOA Pres. last year was BAD. I really don't like this woman and was SO excited when she decided to not run for the board again. She didn't support the Community Crime Watch at all, and refused to be of any help at all to us. Thank goodness the rest of the Board was able to over rule her! She was way more interested in helping out her own causes than actually helping the community. She was also the Social Committee chairperson and I, along with a couple of other people in our community, worked hard to get her ousted from the position last year. I enjoy being a part of the Crime Watch Committee and we've done a lot of good things for the neighborhood, but I just found out that this woman has been made a Zone Captain! Which means we'll be working together on something she didn't want to support! I don't want to resign as a Zone Captain, but just the thought of serving with her gives me the heebie-jeebies! I know we must love our neighbors, but she makes it SO hard! Also, when Mr. Peepy and/or his wife are out the same time I am, I have a hard time smiling or waving back at them! I know his wife didn't do anything wrong, but I still struggle with being friendly towards them. Now, I'm not outright rude or anything, but I'm not as friendly towards them as they are sometimes to us. I shouldn't judge these people, and I know I will need to work on being kinder and more tolerant to those who drive me nuts. I'll be working hard on that this year, that's for sure!

Change is no fun when you're 3!

Our ward changed times from 8:30am to 2pm yesterday and the jury's still out about if it's good or bad. Tommy "graduated" from nursery yesterday and I was so happy for him as he waved goodbye to me on his way to the Primary room. I was thinking, "Wow! What a big boy! He's in Primary now!" when he came running back and wanted me to sit with him. Well, this just happened to be the week that the Bishop came in and did sharing time and brought his huge fishing spear that he was given on a trip to the Amazon. Tommy was fascinated with it, and wanted so badly to touch it (and probably spear someone with it)! It was torture for him, and I finally had to take him out and bring him back to nursery. On his way out, he hit his mouth on a chair and cut his lip, so he screamed his way back to nursery. Poor guy. He was also tired and a bit confused why we were going to church so late. He spent about 30 minutes in nursery before I sent him to his Sunbeam classroom. He wanted me to stay with him, but I had to leave him, and he was fine after a while. He's been really clingy lately and has been really needy. I'm not sure what's going on, and, of course, he threw a fit about going to school this morning, and I had to bribe him to put his pants on! (Which was no small feat!) Hopefully we'll get back into our routine quickly, so Tommy can have the structure he needs!