Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Semi-Charmed Life

I had a rough night last night. Tommy WOULD NOT sleep in his bed without me and everytime I would leave him, he'd wake right back up and come running to my room. I love the kid, but I'm NOT climbing into bed with him! I was up with him for about 2 1/2 hours! Tommy would scream if Danny tried to help, so I couldn't even use my back-up! Ugh. Danny only had to wake up with Eddie twice. Lucky. I was DEAD tired driving to school this morning, and trying to figure out how I'd make it through the day without caffeine (I'm not allowed to have any!) when one of my all-time favorite songs came on the radio! Semi-Charmed Life was my favorite song when I was a senior in HS and it always makes me smile. It's also not one of those songs that gets played very often! Yeah, I know it's all about doing drugs, but I guess you can say I'm addicted. (Ha! Ha! Don't you love the corny pun?) I was suddenly wide awake and singing like an idiot at the top of my lungs, and it helped make my morning SO much better! Ahh...the power of music!


Jennifer said...

I heard the end of that song on the radio one day last week and started singing to it too! I love his speech impedement.

Hope tonight goes better with Tommy.

Mandie said...

I have SO many of those songs! Thank goodness for 107.5fm to help us relive our favorite songs!

Ginny said...

Semi-charmed life is probably pretty appropriate for you right now! Do be careful about the no caffeine thing. I stopped & got a sunkist orange once while driving cross-country and thought I was going to die before the next stop--did keep me awake though! Hope things go better tonight (a dose of benadryl comes to mind!)