Monday, January 07, 2008

Trying to love my neighbors

Our HOA Pres. last year was BAD. I really don't like this woman and was SO excited when she decided to not run for the board again. She didn't support the Community Crime Watch at all, and refused to be of any help at all to us. Thank goodness the rest of the Board was able to over rule her! She was way more interested in helping out her own causes than actually helping the community. She was also the Social Committee chairperson and I, along with a couple of other people in our community, worked hard to get her ousted from the position last year. I enjoy being a part of the Crime Watch Committee and we've done a lot of good things for the neighborhood, but I just found out that this woman has been made a Zone Captain! Which means we'll be working together on something she didn't want to support! I don't want to resign as a Zone Captain, but just the thought of serving with her gives me the heebie-jeebies! I know we must love our neighbors, but she makes it SO hard! Also, when Mr. Peepy and/or his wife are out the same time I am, I have a hard time smiling or waving back at them! I know his wife didn't do anything wrong, but I still struggle with being friendly towards them. Now, I'm not outright rude or anything, but I'm not as friendly towards them as they are sometimes to us. I shouldn't judge these people, and I know I will need to work on being kinder and more tolerant to those who drive me nuts. I'll be working hard on that this year, that's for sure!


Missy said...

Wow don't you love it when people use a public office for their own personal gain? She should go into politics and leave your HOA alone! ;) Okay, we probably don't want that. Good luck with all that, and especially learning to love your neighbors! I'd have a hard time too because COME ON!!

Mandie said...

Ms. former president is pathetic. Its an HOA board for heaven's sake.

You absolutely have to stick with it Melinda. Mom will tell you the same thing. I was told a thousand times when I started as social chair that having a backbone and tolerance are the most important parts of the job.

Ignore her and keep working, because you are needed in your community and you can't let an idiot get in the way of the greater good.

I wouldn't know what to do if I had a neighbor like that though. Scary, sickening and maddening at the same time. WWJD? :)

Rebecca said...

Icky... you are such a better woman than I am. You are at least contributing to the community. I admire that a lot.

Ginny said...

It's amazing how those HOA boards take their power so seriously. Thank goodness they're not running for president (of the US). You know, that's how Jared ended up as HOA prez-better watch out Melinda!