Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Anna's hair is ridiculously long, and it takes a long time at night to brush out all of the tangles. Sometimes, I don't have time to style it, so it goes up in a bun and no one can tell that it hasn't been brushed in days. It drives me nuts! I have finally resorted to bribery. Anna has way more than the 10 inch requirement for hair donation to Locks of Love, so I told her I would buy her ANYTHING, if I could cut her hair 10 inches. ipod, Barbie Dream House, you name it. And her answer? NO!!! I've considered cutting it while she was asleep, but she would hate me forever. Any ideas to get this chick to have a hair cut?


Jennifer said...

I have thought and thought about this, trying to come up with something that would help. I can't think of anything. We had to use bribery with Ethan and his pacifier, but if he hadn't been willing to give it up I don't know what I would have done.

Hope you figure something out. I'll let you know if some inspiration comes to me.

Ginny said...

Hmmm, I seem to remember a certain sister who threw a fit when I cut her hair too "short" (1 inch or less), screaming, "It's my hair--I should know how much was cut off." All I can say is, what goes around comes around :) Buy some no more tangles and put it in a braid. Bribery's not a good idea, b/c eventually she'll want something like a new mustang convertible to do your bidding. If you decide to trim it, just suck it up and be the parent and let her scream--it won't last forever. By the way, have I been forgiven?!

Gabby said...

Melinda, have you talked to Anna about what Locks of Love is? Have you shown her the web site? Because maybe seeing the pictures of those little girls with bald heads and then how they look with the wigs, might show her that she's lucky to have the hair (and be healthy), when sick little kids don't, and how it might be nice to donate it. AND, it grows back! (Here's a digiscrap layout I did with my before and after:

Mandie said...

You could put her picture on one of those "create-a-hairstyle" websites and show her the kind of haircuts she could get.

Have you thought that maybe she's scared?