Monday, June 30, 2008

Our 34 Hour Vacation

I would love to post some pictures of our very FIRST family vacation! But, Blogger is not letting me at the moment. Check back for pics later. We took a trip with Anna when she was about two, but this is our first trip with all 3 kids, and it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be! We left at around 8am Saturday morning and came back around 6pm Sunday evening. It was a lot of fun! We all voted and everyone's favorite stop was the Russell Stover factory store that we went to on a whim! The beach was a close second, though. The kids love the water, so I was sure that they would love the beach, and they did. Missy took some GREAT pics of the kids that I hope to post soon. All in all, it was fun, and we're looking forward to taking another family trip! Um, just not this year. We're exhausted!

Friday, June 20, 2008

From bad to worse

Yep. That's how my day went. Tommy has been sick with a stomach bug for the past two days. Well, after 2 days of not much throwing up, and a lot of writhing around in pain, I decided to take him to the doctor. Well, my fabulous pediatrician is out of town this week, so we had to see another doctor. I took her first available appointment, and rushed to get there in time. Yeah. A lot of good that did me! I got my FIRST EVER speeding ticket! EVER. I've never recieved one in all my 28 years of life! And of all days! Good grief! So, I cried. Yep. I have not been able to sleep much these past two days because of Tommy, so I was extremely stressed and tired. My cop took no pity on me and gave me the ticket. I got to the doctor and she said that she was concerned with what she was seeing and wanted to take a sono of Tommy's tummy area, and a blood test to make sure that he didn't have appendicitis. YIKES!!! I was so freaked out. So, I dropped Anna and Eddie off with Danny at band camp, and went back to the hospital to get the tests done. Tommy was a champ during the blood test and the nurse was so fast! Tommy was in a lot of pain and had trouble walking, so I carried him EVERYWHERE. This kid is built like a tank, so my poor shoulders and back are not happy tonight. The woman who was filing my insurance at the sonogram place saw what Tommy was in for and launched her horrific tale of her daughter's burst appendix and almost dying! Great. Thanks for making me feel better lady! The sonogram took a while, and when we were done we had to wait to hear what my pediatrician thought. Well, the sonogram was inconclusive, so they had to take an X-ray of his abdomen to make sure there were no obstructions. Yeah, guess what? There was. It's called an insanely gassy tummy. Yep. 4 hours of tests and torture for my poor Tommy and $600 later, they came up with the prognosis of really bad gas caused by a viral infection. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ghost Baby, Naked Spaghetti, and Mud Baths

I watched Mandie's kids yesterday, for 12 hours, and the kids had a lot of fun! While Carter napped for 3 hours, Anna, Abby, and Tommy went outside to play in the baby pool. They found the muddy yard more fun to play in though!
We had spaghetti for dinner and instead of trying to keep the kids clean with bibs, I took their shirts off so they could get as messy as they wanted!
Anna calls Eddie and Carter baby best friends. They had a lot of fun playing together! Funny thing, though, while Eddie was napping, Carter went into his room to play with some toys. Carter was doing his cute little sing-song babble while he was playing and woke up Eddie. Eddie WAS NOT expecting to find another baby in his room when he woke up, so he freaked out! When I got to him, he was screaming at the top of his lungs, beet red, and shaking! He was SO scared! Anna, of course, thought it was hilarious, so she called Carter "Ghost Baby" and it just stuck. We called him that for the rest of the day!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Tommy!

Tommy turned 4 on June 7th. Can you believe it? He has become such a big boy!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Our New Piano!

As you can see, it looks pretty from the outside, but it needs a lot of work on the inside! Danny has been reading up on how to do the repairs and is ready to get to work. The bench had an accident with one of the legs and they had to replace one and it looks way different from the others, but it's not too bad. Danny was exhausted on Saturday from moving it, and he couldn't have done it without Jared's help! THANK YOU JARED!