Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ghost Baby, Naked Spaghetti, and Mud Baths

I watched Mandie's kids yesterday, for 12 hours, and the kids had a lot of fun! While Carter napped for 3 hours, Anna, Abby, and Tommy went outside to play in the baby pool. They found the muddy yard more fun to play in though!
We had spaghetti for dinner and instead of trying to keep the kids clean with bibs, I took their shirts off so they could get as messy as they wanted!
Anna calls Eddie and Carter baby best friends. They had a lot of fun playing together! Funny thing, though, while Eddie was napping, Carter went into his room to play with some toys. Carter was doing his cute little sing-song babble while he was playing and woke up Eddie. Eddie WAS NOT expecting to find another baby in his room when he woke up, so he freaked out! When I got to him, he was screaming at the top of his lungs, beet red, and shaking! He was SO scared! Anna, of course, thought it was hilarious, so she called Carter "Ghost Baby" and it just stuck. We called him that for the rest of the day!


Mandie said...

Thank you SO MUCH for watching the kids. I'm really sorry Brian had to work late, and I hope it wasn't too much trouble. I'm glad they had fun. Ghost Baby + Bo-Beddie = best baby buds

Ginny said...

I think it's funny about the ghost baby--Reminds me of Melinda being covered with baby powder as a baby. Kudos to Melinda for babysitting so many at once!

Texas said...

It looks like the kids had a great day. It is nice that the cousins get to play together and be "best baby buds".

Gabby said...

Hehe... ghost baby! (I would have loved to see a picture of Eddie's face.)