Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

Okay, I realize that I haven't blogged in a long time, and I haven't posted pictures in an even longer time. So, here are some pictures I took when we went to the Dallas Zoo in March at the end of Spring Break. We only saw half of the zoo because it was SUPER crowded! We've been back since then and saw the other half and the kids can't wait to go back!

Okay, so this is what's been going on lately:
  • I actually got to go out an trim my shrubs this morning! My front lawn was starting to look like a jungle and I've been afraid to go out because of that stupid bird! We have not seen him in about a week, so we think he's gone. Thank goodness!
  • Eddie has slept completely through the night two times in a row! He's eating really well, and goes to bed around 9pm and wakes up around 6:30. We're hoping this lasts!
  • Tommy's last day of PALS was last Thursday. We are both really sad! Tommy just cries each morning he wakes up and discovers that he's NOT going to PALS ! He loves Mrs. Richey and we both can't wait for it to start up again in September!
  • Tommy had his ARD last week and we discovered that he went from having a score of 205 last July, meaning he was in the High Profound category of speech impairment, to a score of 65 in May putting him in the Moderate category! Tommy's teachers have done a GREAT job this year! I don't know what I would have done without them!
  • Tuesday was my last full day of teaching this semester! I have 2 more students on Friday and I'm done! I will start summer lessons the second week of June. I don't mind those at all because I teach from home
  • I found Anna's Webkinz code for Pearl. I was organizing all of her million papers in her desk and found it in a plastic baggie with about a hundred stickers in it! I was happy I found it, but mad because of the enormous mess! It's STILL messy and something will be done about it before the Birthday Bash this Saturday or Anna will be a very sad little girl.
  • I will be singing in Relief Society on Sunday and I'm super nervous! I'm fine singing with the choir, but I'll be singing with only 2 other women and the first part of the song will be a solo for me. Yikes!
  • Danny has a lead for a job in Lewisville, but can't even be considered for an interview until all of his paperwork is complete. We'll just have to wait and see. Keep him in your prayers!

Well, that's about it for now. I'll try to do better about posting! And I'll take more pictures! Are you happy now Missy? By the way, my blog wouldn't look so sad if you would make me a new blog header!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I NEED a piano!

I have been finding life a little bit hard lately without a piano! I lived my entire married life without one in my home and have done just fine, until now! I need it to play through stuff for choir, and even listen to chords in accompianment lines in solos I give to my students! I have looked for a cheap piano, but as soon as they are posted on Craig's List, they're gone! Grrrr! I realize that as soon as I get one, Tommy and Anna will be banging on it day and night, but the pros outweigh the cons and I am willing to live with it. Yeah, and it will be JUST my luck that as soon as I plunk down the cash to buy one, I'll be released from my calling and I won't need it as much!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Cleaning Habits are Costing Me!

As you all know, I love to clean and de-junk my house. Well, just days before Eddie was born, I was cleaning my room and I had a Babies R Us gift card in a card from Danny's school. I distinctly remember throwing away the card, but I was certain that the gift card wasn't in it. Or was it? It's been almost 9 months and there's no sign of the gift card! I swore that I was going to be more careful, until Anna and I discovered that her webkinz UNUSED code for Pearl (her white poodle) was missing. Good grief! We looked all throughout ther messy room, and there's no sign of it. The only thing I can come up with is that I threw it away in a fit of cleaning! So, Anna can't play with Pearl online which is most of the point of webkinz! I feel so bad, but not bad enough to go on Ebay and buy a code, which usually ends up costing as much as the webkinz itself!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Living in Fear

Yes, it's true. I am living in constant fear. Well, when I need to go out to the front yard, that is. There is a black bird that is protecting its nest that just happens to be in our bradford pear out front. It will follow you around the yard and even accross the street! It flies dangerously close to your head when you are out too long, or get too close to the tree! Danny thought I was crazy, but Ella Mae witnessed it this afternoon! Sigh...What am I going to do? I'm tempted to ask my cop neighbor to come over with his gun and do some target practice, but I'm not sure that's legal. If it is, anyone game? This stupid bird freaks me out! You can see it perched on the roof waiting for anyone to come out of the house!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Tommy in the Ward Choir - AGAIN

Okay, so the ward choir sang on Sunday, and I thought, although I am extremely biased being the director, that the choir sounded REALLY great. My soloist was amazing (thanks Cleave!) and the 5 men who sing in the choir somehow balanced well against the 10 women! Right before the choir was to sing, Eddie decided he was hungry, so Danny was feeding him. Well, Tommy wanted to come up with me to sing, and Danny couldn't stop him or else Eddie would start wailing. What was I going to do? There was Tommy, on the stand, running around like the crazy kid he is, so I grabbed him, and looked frantically around for someone, ANYONE to take him! A member of the Bishopric came and saved me! I can't remember his name, but I am SO grateful! He took Tommy out to the hall and stayed with him until the choir was finished, even though he was supposed to be conducting! I will be forever in his debt! I didn't get many comments about the performance, but I usually don't. It's hard to gage how well we did if no one tells me how we sounded and Danny's usually too busy with the kids to really give me a good critique! I don't want to sound needy, but it's nice to know if the people in the congregation liked the choir! So, I wasn't having a good day on Wednesday until I got this note in the mail. It said:

I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the job you do with our ward choir. I realize it is not always easy but every time the choir sings I am impressed. I just wanted you to know that I am grateful for what you do. May God bless you for your faithful service. Bishop Rogers