Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Living in Fear

Yes, it's true. I am living in constant fear. Well, when I need to go out to the front yard, that is. There is a black bird that is protecting its nest that just happens to be in our bradford pear out front. It will follow you around the yard and even accross the street! It flies dangerously close to your head when you are out too long, or get too close to the tree! Danny thought I was crazy, but Ella Mae witnessed it this afternoon! Sigh...What am I going to do? I'm tempted to ask my cop neighbor to come over with his gun and do some target practice, but I'm not sure that's legal. If it is, anyone game? This stupid bird freaks me out! You can see it perched on the roof waiting for anyone to come out of the house!


Missy said...

I've heard of that happening! And yes, probably illegal for someone to come shoot it. But still! Birds are crazy like that sometimes. We have pigeons dive bombing people outside our warehouse all the time!

Ginny said...

We had that happen once, except the bird was attacking Smokey (the cat). Then one day, while doing yard work, we found a little pile of birdy bones. Do you want us to bring him over?!

Mandie said...

The movie "The Birds" still creeps me out, so I would NOT do well in your situation.