Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I NEED a piano!

I have been finding life a little bit hard lately without a piano! I lived my entire married life without one in my home and have done just fine, until now! I need it to play through stuff for choir, and even listen to chords in accompianment lines in solos I give to my students! I have looked for a cheap piano, but as soon as they are posted on Craig's List, they're gone! Grrrr! I realize that as soon as I get one, Tommy and Anna will be banging on it day and night, but the pros outweigh the cons and I am willing to live with it. Yeah, and it will be JUST my luck that as soon as I plunk down the cash to buy one, I'll be released from my calling and I won't need it as much!


randivon said...

Hey Melinda-
I do not know how much you want to spend but there are these folks in Keller that look like they might still have their piano for sale. And it has a bench with it... bonus! :-) Anywho, just thought I would pass that on.

randivon said...

Oh.. the posting link is:

That might be helpful. :-)

Gabby said...

(Hmm, for some reason, I got an error.)

Anyway, our cousing Elsa has one she's wanting to get rid of, and she said Brian and I could have it, once we moved into a house.

But, it would be fine if you wanted it, seeing as I don't need it, and who knows if it would even fit in our new place, not to mention my SAD piano skills.

(I think there would need to be a few repairs, not to mention transportation, but other than that it'd be free!)

Missy said...

Any luck on the piano hunt?

By the way, your blog looks sad. It needs MORE PICTURES!!