Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wedding and more

Well, yesterday was the wedding and it was wonderful! I would like to thank mom for going to the temple and watching my kids while Gabby and Brian were being sealed. She was a great help! The reception was held at a beautiful hall with some pretty good food and a FANTASTIC wedding cake! Danny gave the groom's cake (cheese cake) 2 thumbs up! When the music started, Tommy ran to the dance floor and started shaking his little booty! He was a hit! And you can probably guess that Tommy is doing MUCH better! It was obviously a bacterial infection! Anna also had a great time on the dance floor, but she tired pretty quickly. She woke up with a fever this morning! She was REALLY grumpy for the pictures yesterday, and now we know why! She got started on her antibiotics this morning, so we should see some improvement soon! We had a great time, and didn't get home until after midnight! We are so happy for Gabby and Brian!

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