Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Star Wars and Six Flags

Today Danny and I went to the Star Wars Exhibit with Tommy and dropped Anna off at Six Flags with mom. Anna got a free ticket when she completed a reading program at school, and was dying to use it, but she didn't really want to go see the Star Wars stuff with us, so this was a great arrangement. I'll post pictures of Anna's trip when mom sends me some, and tell you more about it then. Tommy broke our camera, so we didn't take pictures during the actual exhibit, which was really neat. Tommy and Danny watch or play Star Wars almost every day, so we thought Tommy would enjoy this. You should see Tommy "use the force" against Danny, it's hilarious! He LOVED the huge model of the Millenium Falcon, and the R2 robot, and really liked all the hands on exhibits, but we wanted to take some pictures. When we left the exhibit, there was a company that does these cool pictures, and we had Tommy's picture taken. He wouldn't really stand still, but these guys were great and were able to work with him pretty well. Due to his attitude at the time, they felt that this would be the best pose for him. Here's Sith Lord Tommy:


Kenny said...

That is a really cool picture of Tommy. Texas and I considered going to that when we were up there but it didn't work out. Sounds like you had fun.

Brian and Mandie said...

Ah! We finally see sweet little Tommy's DARK SIDE. I want to hear the wicked noises he made too!

Missy said...

I think we need just a little more arch on those eyebrows and a good scowl, then it's perfect! But still, it's pretty darn cute. We're thinking of going to the exhibit soon so hopefully it will be worth it, and not too busy!