Monday, April 23, 2012

Sky Ranch

Anna went to Sky Ranch last Wednesday through Friday.  It's a sleepaway camp that all the fifth graders go to, and it's a huge deal.  Anna was SO excited and was packed almost a month in advance!  She got her own camera for Christmas and came back from camp with 202 pictures!  I'll spare you from having to look at all 202, so I picked out some for your viewing pleasure.  Below is a picture of Anna and Kaitlyn, who is a friend from church.  Kaitlyn's mom went to camp with the kids as a chaperone and was kind enough to send me text updates on Anna and kept her eye out for her.

Anna took several pics of Sky Lake.  This is one of her faves.

Below is Anna's "group."  These are her best buds and they were all lucky enough to be in the same cabin!

Do you see that little speck to the left hanging from the zip line?  That's Anna in the bright pink helmet.  I'm so proud of her for going on the zip line!  It was really high and apparently one of the teachers had a freak out moment before going on it, so it was a little scary for Anna.  She loved it, though!

There were several self portraits of Anna in her pics.  She said that she would get bored and practice taking pictures of herself.  This one was cute, and had a great view of the dock where Anna caught her first fish!!  Anna didn't get a picture of it, but a couple of the other parents did.  As soon as I get a hold of a pic I'll post it on here.

Anna LOVED Sky Ranch and came home with a million stories and new life experiences.  I'm so glad she had the opportunity to go!

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