Monday, May 14, 2012

Dallas Zoo!

Last Wednesday, Eddie's preschool took a trip to the Dallas Zoo!  It took some crazy rescheduling for me to be able to go, but it was SO worth it!  We haven't been to the Dallas Zoo in about two years, so I was really surprised by how much it has changed!
 The boys gravitated to ANY thing they could climb on!  Eddie was constantly wandering off to climb on something!
 There's an entire herd of these big elephants and Eddie loved "riding" it!
 The penquins were one of Eddie's favorites.  Unfortunately, the tank was having some trouble the day we went, so the penguins mainly stayed out of the water.

 The new savannah exhibit is probably the biggest change they made!  It's amazing!! Eddie and I enjoyed chilling at the Base Camp and watching the elephants.
 The giraff exhibit is SO cool!  You can buy food to feed them and they eat right out of your hand and get in your face! 
 Thanks to another parent there, Eddie got some lettuce to feed the giraff.  That's his little hand you see below. SO fun!
We ended our trip at the Children's Zoo, where Eddie got COMPLETELY soaked! He loved playing in the water, but sadly, I didn't seem to get any pics of him there.  Overall, it was a great trip, and now that the zoo is so much nicer, I might have to renew our family membership!

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