Thursday, June 03, 2010

Day 5 and 6

Carter went into the office on Tuesday morning to get his juice, and less than a minute later he was in tears with blood streaming down his face! I have no idea what happend, but Carter was fine 5 minutes later and playing with Eddie. He now has a lovely mark right in between his eyes!
The honeymoon is over for these two, and they spend a lot of time fighting. There are some good moments when they actually get along, but it really helps to have the older kids around!

Yesterday was Tommy's kinder graduation. They did a great job singing their songs and the slide show was too cute! You can see Tommy in the front row in the dark green shirt.

Tommy LOVES Mrs. Woods and is so sad that she won't be his teacher anymore, but he is really excited that today is the last day of school! You can also see that he's lost his front two teeth!

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