Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Vacation" Day 2 - Friday

Day 2: We ate breakfast at the hotel, and headed on out to the best place in the world for kids in San Antonio - the Children's Museum, but first, here's the view from our hotel room. Not pretty.

The children's museum was awesome! The kids LOVED it and did not want to leave! We stayed for 2 hours and left at lunch time when they were getting tired and hungry.

There were 3 floors to the museum, so I abandoned the stroller and followed Eddie around, and up and down!

Anna and Tommy both agreed that the kids' market was the best part of the museum!

You could scan all of the items and the price and name of the item showed up on the computer screen, just like at a real grocery store. Anna loved playing cashier.

Eddie found a computer and went right to work instant messaging gibberish to the person on the other side.

The kids also loved the virtual reality drum game!

No, that's not real milk that Anna's getting out of that cow. It was just water, but it was fun!

We went back to the convention and hung around for a couple of hours on the convention floor checking out some more vendors. The kids got kazoos from one vendor and when we got back to the hotel room, the kids formed a kazoo band.
Eddie thought the kazoo was hilarious and each time he made a sound with it, he would laugh hysterically!
We spent the afternoon in the hotel room resting, playing, and watching cartoons. Around 6pm, though, things went bad. Really bad. Eddie was playing on the bed with Tommy, when he just threw up. All over Anna's blanket. Eddie was not feeling well at all, and it just came on so quickly! I washed Anna's and Eddie's blankets in the sink, and luckily, there was a laundry facility at the hotel, so I put them in the dryer. Around that time Anna realized that she didn't pack any underwear! She had a complete melt-down, and I had to wash the ones that she was wearing. It was a hard evening. Danny got back and we ordered pizza and relaxed. The kids crashed fast and hard, and we all got to sleep early!


Cheree said...

Did you post this just for me? :-)
It’s PERFECT timing! We’re planning a trip to San Antonio in about a month – we’ll make sure the Children’s Museum is on the literary now!

Melinda said...

Cheree, here's a link to get lots of great coupons for touristy places in San Antonio. There's even a coupon for the Children's Museum, too!

Cheree said...

awesome! Thanks!!