Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eddie Update

Eddie threw up again on Saturday when we got home, and was a congested mess on Sunday with a fever of 102. I took him to the doctor first thing Monday morning, and learned that he has Strep. Yep. The dreaded s-word. He threw up again yesterday and is just not feeling well at all. Poor baby! Let's cross our fingers and hope that no one else gets it!

So, that means that I'm not teaching today. It's kind of driving me nuts, especially because I'm not getting paid, AND I have students going to contest on Saturday. I haven't had a solid day of teaching since the last Tuesday of January! I know some of my parents are getting frustrated with me, but what can I do? Sigh...that's the dilemma with working and being a mom. I'm having problems with it and I only work one day a week, so I totally feel for all of you moms who work full-time!

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