Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 26

A child I love:

I didn't post yesterday because of a sick kid, so you guys get two today!

I would be accused of favortism if I posted just one kid on here, so I'm posting about all three of my amazing kids! I love them SO much! Some days, one is easier to love than the others, but these kiddos totally rock my world. They each have their special talents and their own personalities.

Anna is artsy, loves to read, and can be really helpful when she's in the right frame of mind. She's also amazingly photogenic. This picture was taken by Mandie last fall.

Tommy is my videogame-aholic, but he's super sensitive and gives the best hugs! I discovered that I don't have many recent pictures of Tommy, mainly because he's in his "I'm a boy, so I'm going to make strange faces at the camera" phase. Oh well. I'll just have to work harder to get a good shot of him!
Eddie is my baby and always will be! He's such a great snuggler, but he's very independent-minded and strong willed! As I looked through the pictures I have of him, ALL of them had him with a runny nose!!! Good grief!

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Ginny said...

They are all adorable!