Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 13

What I did today:

Well, this landed on a school holiday, so it's going to be way more exciting than a regular school day!

4am-ish - Eddie crawled into bed with me and Danny.

5:35am - My arm is killing me where Eddie is sleeping on it, so I scoop him up and take him to the couch. I get him something to drink, then rub his back until he goes back to sleep.

7:25am - Danny gives me a kiss and leaves for school while I am still snuggled in bed. The boys are already up and playing Gamecube in the office, and looking at Transformers online.

8:20am - Wake up and help the boys with their Wii game, then go back to my room and read my Joseph Smith book for 15 minutes.

8:50am - Go to the kitchen and fix breakfast for everyone, and break up a fight between Eddie and Tommy.

9:15am - Head to the office to check my e-mail and listen to Anna practice her recorder. Resist the urge to correct every little mistake. We work on reading notes and rhythms.

9:45am - Gather laundry from various corners of the house and start a load of darks. Do the breakfast dishes and start the dishwasher.

10am - Change Eddie's diaper and take him out of his pj's.

10:30am - Explain to Tommy that we can't make Eddie disappear and have him come back only when Tommy wants him to, and no we can't trade him in for a Wii game. Tell Anna for the 1000th time to get started on cleaning her room.

10:45am - Order Tommy's book order online. Yay for not having to write a check!

10:55am - Go into the living room to find that Eddie has taken off his poopy diaper and sat on the couch with his poopy butt. He also wiped his poopy hands on his shirt and carpet. I clean the couch and carpet and seriously consider running to Ikea for a new couch and Lumber Liquidators for new floors. Move the clothes from the washer into the dryer and start a new load so I can wash Eddie's poopy clothes. He has NEVER done this before!

11:05am - Listen to Anna cry about a missing charm bracelet. She screams and won't listen to me, and runs into her room still crying.

11:10am - Anna is still crying. Charm bracelet still missing.

11:20am - The boys pick out a movie to watch and I straighten the living room.

11:30am - Help Anna look for her bracelet and help her clean her room for a little while. She has stopped crying.

Noon - I make lunch for the kids, and start reading "More Perfect than the Moon".

12:30 - Switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer, and make lunch for myself.

12:45 - Anna practices her recorder again and yells at me and says the recorder is stupid. I only said her recorder is not broken, even though she swears it is. She's getting frustrated with her practicing. The movie is over and now the boys are playing Super Mario Brothers Wii.

1:15 - Put away some laundry and finally take a shower.

2:20 - Finished reading "More Perfect Than the Moon." and started watching the lat 2 episodes of the Sing-Off that I haven't gotten to.

3:00 - Anna played for me again and got mad and stormed off. She argued with me and is now being punished.

3:12 - Changed another poopy diaper, but this time he didn't get it all over the place.

4 - Just finished watching my shows (I really wanted Street Corner Symphony to win, oh well), and got the kids a snack.

4:30 - Call Danny and make dinner plans while the Eddie and Anna play in her room and Tommy plays outside.

5 - Meet Danny at Chick-Fil-A for dinner! Yum!

7 - Get home from Chick-Fil-A before Danny, and the kids bombarded Danny's car with snowballs when he got to the driveway. Yep. We still have some snow left! Crazy. Then let the kids watch Ninjago before bed. It's their new favorite cartoon.

Okay, so I'm going to end here. If I don't, I won't remember to post this tonight! Did any of you make it to the end?

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