Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 23

A Travel Story:

Hmmm....I don't have anything super interesting. The most recent traveling that my family has done was to Austin and San Antonio last summer. Danny had a performance at UT with his trombone choir and the kids and I decided to tag along and go to Sea World after the conference. Well, the day we got to Austin was the day of the World Cup Final. We couldn't check into our hotel until 4pm, and the final was at 1pm. Danny had rehearsal and check-in that morning, and the kids and I had gone on a tour of the capital. We were tired and hungry and decided to look for a place to eat when Danny was done at noon. Danny called and drove around looking for a place that would broadcast the final, but he couldn't find anything. We finally decided a Burger King for the kids and went in. As soon as we walked in Danny saw that one of the eating areas had a large TV in it! He asked the manager if they could switch the channel to the World Cup and she was more than happy to oblige. After all, the entire staff at Burger King was hispanic! So, we spent more than 2 hours that day at Burger King watching the World Cup Final!

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