Friday, February 01, 2008


She actually cut her hair 10 inches! Can you believe it!? I can't. Ginny came over yesterday and when I got Anna from school, I informed her that Ginny was waiting to cut her hair. She freaked out and ran to her room crying, refusing to come out! I finally bribed her out with some chocolates (thanks mom!) and talked her into getting it cut. I did the big 10 inch cut, and Ginny took it from there.
Doesn't she look SO cute? Her hair is super soft and so pretty! She looks SO much like her cousin Laura Catherine!
10 inches of hair that I don't have to brush anymore!
Just a reminder of what what her hair looked like before.


Missy said...

Yay for Anna! Tell her she looks BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you Ginny!!

Missy said...

Um... Could we get a better picture of the after?

Gabby said...

This may sound silly, but that first pic, she just looks so cute! Maybe it's just the happy shiny face peeking through the happy shiny hair (and it does look soft and shiny).

Good for her. And it'll grow back in no time!

Jennifer said...

You have one beautiful daughter there Melinda. I love the shorter hair.

Congratulations on getting her to cut it.

Rebecca said...

Oh Melinda she looks so adorable!!

Ginny said...

Thanks for letting me help Anna! Your hair looks gorgeous and is very soft & shiny. We had fun at "girls night out" at Chick Fil-A too!