Wednesday, February 27, 2008

5 Things

Sigh...Missy tagged me, AGAIN, and now I have to think of 5 random things about myself to share with you guys. Here it goes:
1. I love listening to ESPN radio, especially Mike and Mike in the morning. Don't ask me why, but I think they're funny and informative at the same time! My favorite show so far was the one where they spent about an hour discussing who was more likely to wear deoderant: Brett Favre or Tom Brady. It was hilarious!
2. In middle school and high school, I LOVED politics. I would read all about it in the paper, and I would follow all of the election stuff and thought it was so great. But, now I am almost indifferent to it. I know it's backwards, and I'm trying very hard to get involved and interested again because it is important.
3. I love puzzle games. Give me Dr. Mario, Tetris, Super Bubble Pop, and I'm good. Missy even got me hooked on an online game called Chain Factor. I don't like crossword puzzles, though!
4. I love to work in the yard. I love digging in the dirt, planting new things, and taking out things that I don't like. Since we've moved in this house, I think I've changed the shrubs in the backyard about 3 times. I've pulled about 5 shrubs from the front and I've planted quite a bit more around the house. I think it goes back to my childhood and my love of eating and playing in the dirt. I feel most relaxed when I am in the yard working.
5. I sing all the time to my kids and it drives them nuts! I sing in opera-style, country, rap, you name it and they beg me to stop, but the only way I will is if they tell me to stop by singing it in the style that I'm singing in. They end up laughing hysterically as they try to sing "stop please mommy" in an opera voice. Anna's opera and country are pretty bad, but she's way better at rap than I am! Tommy is just too funny as he tries to sing in any style!


Mandie said...

Wow, some of those things I didn't know about you! Politics in high school? I had no idea!

Hey, are you coming over this week?

JohnSaun said...

I listen to Mike and Mike too and I heard that discussion and it cracked me up!

Missy said...

The singing thing is so funny! But I think we're all going to need some proof. Maybe I'll send Mandie over for some secret footage. ;)

randivon said...

I used to love politics in HS too... and then I fell out of it. I started feeling some of the old fire again with Romney but now it is gone again. Such a strange thing!

Rebecca said...

How much do you charge for yard work? Hey.. wanna run some goodies over to our VT ladies tomorrow? I'm sorry. I'm a lame companion. (but if you need to park somewhere close, i'm useful!)

Jennifer said...

I love your list. I could borrow three for myself...and four if I had a yard to work in. Five reminds me of someone near and dear to my heart...if he ever reads this we'll have E singing opera in no time.

Mom/Grandma said...

It is get even time again. When you were little, you would cry when I sang to you.