Friday, February 22, 2008

My life this week

Tommy LOVES Darth Vader and plays Lego Star Wars all the time. The game is great because it has the actual movie soundtrack on it, so Tommy now goes around the house singing the Imperial March (Darth Vader's theme). Danny and I looked in our music library and were shocked when we discovered that we didn't have the Star Wars soundtrack! We quickly went on to itunes and downloaded the Imperial March for Tommy and he listened to it as long as we could stand it! We were awakened to Tommy singing it this morning at 6am!
Here is our new tree (a shumard red oak) that I bought last Saturday after the hail. It's small, I know, but it will soon be very big! The kids loved digging a huge hole in the backyard to plant it in!

And yes, this is my sad mailbox. Well, it's not ALL mine, I share it with my neighbor. As you can see, the brick is deteriorating and flaking off. You can see some the bricks sitting on top that have come off. It's so bad on my neighbor's side that he has no flag! It fell off long ago along. I first noticed this about 2 years ago after a heavy freeze, and contacted Lennar (my homebuilder) about it, but it was no longer under warranty. I thought that we would have to fix it ourselves if it got really bad and the HOA told us to, but I contacted Acme and told them what was happening. They sent a guy out the next week to look at the mailbox, and he came and took some pictures and samples, and said that they would fix it right up! On Tuesday, while I was teaching, a large stack of bricks was delivered, and they now sit on my lawn waiting for the guys to come reconstruct my mailbox. For FREE!


Ginny said...

That's exciting about getting your brick fixed! Not so exciting about listening to Star Wars all day. Is it a bad sign that he likes the bad guy best?!

Missy said...

Wow. You guys get so lucky with all that free stuff. I mean, free roof repairs AND the brick? Sweet!