Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My Morning

I spent a lot of time outside yesterday, and my allergies are really bad, so I woke up this morning with swollen eyes, and a huge headache. I fell back asleep after Danny left and woke up again at 7:45. Tommy's bus comes at 8:05 so I had plenty of time to get him ready. I picked him out an outfit and ran to the kitchen to put the cinnamon rolls in the oven. We always have cinnamon rolls on Tuesdays because I normally teach, but I'm not today because of TAKS testing. As soon as Tommy got his pants on, I heard the bus pull up. It was only 7:50! The bus was 15 min. early! I grabbed Tommy's shoes, and Anna helped me with his backpack and jacket and we got Tommy out the door. I honestly didn't pay much attention to the bus number or the driver, but I should have because at 8:05 (right on time) Tommy's PALS bus showed up. I had put Tommy on the wrong bus!!! For some wierd reason his PPCD bus came by today, but they weren't supposed to! I told the PALS bus driver, then I ran to the house to make the calls. I first called the bus barn, but I was directed to the voicemail! I then called McGowen Elementary (his PPCD school) to see if he had arrived, but once again, I got the voicemail. By that time I was angry. First at myself for not paying more attention to the bus route number, and then at the stupid school and bus barn for not picking up the phone! I quickly got Anna and Eddie dressed and ready, just in case I had to pick up Tommy and take him to the correct school, then I tried the bus barn one more time. This time they answered and they told me that the PALS bus driver contacted them, and they found Tommy in route to McGowen, but had the PPCD bus driver make a detour to Glen Oaks Elementary where he was supposed to be. I found out that I was talking to the bus supervisor and he was really nice and helpful. He seemed upset that the wrong bus came to my house, but I was impressed that they were able to work things out and get him to school on time.

Tommy came home safely, and on the correct bus. He didn't really know that there was a mix-up. The bus driver was a little upset with me, though, and told me to double check the numbers before I put Tommy on the bus. Believe me, I will.


Rebecca said...

Oh Melinda.. .don't beat yourself up. It's an honest mistake! (especially when you aren't feeling your best!) He got where he needed to be.. you're a great mom!

Ginny said...

I'm impressed that your bus people worked it out so quickly and glad that he's safe.