Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Anna and Tommy both had their first soccer games on Saturday, back-to-back. It was super windy, so it wasn't an ideal day to play, but at least it wasn't hot! Anna did great in her game and loved playing, even though her team lost REALLY bad. I stole this picture from Chauntel's blog because I'm a lame-o and forgot to bring my camera! Anna is in the pink on the far right. Tommy's team played really well and they didn't lose! They actually tied 5-5! Tommy scored 2 goals! Both kids had a great time and can't wait for their next game!


Ginny said...

That's great that Tommy's team tied their game--the season is off to a great start!

Mandie said...

I want to see Tommy in action! I bet he's a riot! Someday we'll come cheer the kids on.