Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Teaching First

I had NO students make an All-Region Band! I'm a little frustrated, and disappointed, but I did all that I could with my kids. I can't remember the last time I didn't have any student make it!

I'm also very worried about one of my students. She is my only HS senior, and I've been teaching her for 5 years. She was on track to make State, but fell WAY short in her audition. She's been acting really weird lately, and missed our lesson yesterday with no phone call! I found out from her mom today that she skipped school yesterday, and without my phone call asking where she was, she would have NEVER known. Sigh... She's not my child, but I've known her for so long, and have taught her almost every week (even during the summer), I've grown attached, and I worry about her.

Also, my favorite student from Hendrick MS is moving to Arlington! I know, I shouldn't have favorites, but she's is just so happy all the time, and is such a joy to work with! I was so sad when she told me yesterday that it would be our last lesson! I will really miss her. She gave me a huge hug as she left, and I almost cried!

Man, it seems like I only have bad news today! Next semester will be better....I hope.


Mandie said...

I had my voice students for not even a year and I grew attached. I was so surpised by the troubles that my high school students had. I mean, one of my students was homeless, another had depression, a few of them were failing classes, and many of them had family "issues." So sad.

Ginny said...

I've had a couple of students that I almost cried when they left. Of course, you get attached--it's why we're great teachers!