Saturday, December 27, 2008


These are the ONLY 2 good pictures of Eddie! Poor baby! He was shivering and shaking so bad! I didn't think there would be any good ones!
Tommy had a lot of cute pics. This is the only one where he is smiling and looking directly at the camera.

Anna had a TON of great pictures. This is one of many.

The family pics didn't turn out 100% great, but they're good enough. It was a REALLY cold day, and Anna had a melt-down. You can see it in her face that she's about to break-down. All photos are courtesy of Photos by Missy.


Texas said...

The pictures look great! You are going to cherish these forever.

Rebecca said...

I think you guys all look great! You look so pretty in your family picture!

Mandie said...

I really like the one of the family... although it would be a little "trippy" if you hung it on the wall, it being crooked and everything.

By the way, Brian says you're "looking good."

Ginny said...

You guys are adorable!

Missy said...

There's another one pretty much just like the one she posted that's not sideways. I think they all look so cute!

Lori said...

I love them! You have a beautiful family. :)