Monday, December 01, 2008

My Review

So, during the last couple of weeks of November, I decided to read the Twilight series. At first, I had no interest in it, but everyone around me had read it, or was in the process, so I decided to give it a try. I borrowed some books from various friends, and read the entire series in about 5 days. I loved books 1-3! There was a lot of background and character development in the first 2/3 of the book, and the last 1/3 had a lot of action! It was great. I didn't like the repetition throughout the books, though. I swear, Stephanie Meyer said the same thing a billion different times, and it drove me nuts! Each book could have been at least 50 pages shorter had she have gotten to the point!

The last book....hmmm...where do I start? I liked it, but it could have been SO much better! I didn't like the whole Jacob section, and I think the book would have been better without it. She could have written a completely separate book, and elaborated more with that Jacob portion of the book! There was a lot of character development and storyline introduction that went on during that section, that was never really resolved! I felt like she had a lot of story left to write, but she tried to shove it into one last book. I think she should have made the last book into 2 much better written books, instead of one hastily written one. It was a great story, but so much went on that it would have been better if she developed the plot a little more.

Overall, the story was great. I loved the dynamics of the characters and the idea behind it was really good. I just wish it were a little better written. I guess I'm a snob when it comes to that. I can blame it on my newspaper journalist/editor mother, my college writing classes, and my publishing editor sister-in-law! Besides the writing flaws, I am looking forward to Midnight Sun when it comes out!

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Mandie said...

Twilight was her first book, so maybe the next series she does will be better. I think I want to read Midnight Sun. I bet the story from his perspective is really intersting.