Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ugh...what IS that smell?!

If you have a weak stomach, read no further. On Monday morning, I walked into Tommy's room only to walk right back out, with my nose plugged, and said "what is that smell?!" It was awful! It smelled like REALLY stinky feet, and yet it smelled so...familiar. I went back in and smelled it again. Yep. I've smelled that smell before. Rotten milk. It was overwhelming, but I couldn't find the culprit! Tommy had lost his sippy cup sometime last week, and we thought it was empty, but apparently it wasn't. I asked him and Anna if they knew where it could be, and almost immediately, Anna crawled under Eddie's crib and came out with the offending cup. Poor Eddie was sleeping with that awful stink right underneath him! I prompty stuck it in the sink, grabbed my Clorox and went to the bedroom. The cup was on its side, leaking, so the carpet was nasty. I cleaned with the Clorox to kill the smell and whatever else might be growing, and finished off with the steamer. I sniffed the air and was satisfied that it smelled much better, and left the room. I came back 2 hours later, only to have the awful smell hit me right in the face! The carpet that I had cleaned was still fresh, and stink-free, but the smell was somewhere else! I had washed all the bedding, looked in every nook and cranny for something that could cause a stink, but the room STILL stinks! I even told Anna I would pay her if she could find the source of the smell. Of course, she hopped right on the job with the thought of earning money, and sniffed every inch of carpet and even she couldn't find it! It's horrible! So, I will try again. I HAVE to find the source of the stink! My poor boys don't deserve to sleep with that smell!


Mandie said...

That has happened in my car SOOOO many times. I hate it. The smell is ALMOST as bad as rotton chicken juice. *shudder*

Ginny said...

We had that happen once when CJ was about 8. We seriously thought something had died and it turned out to be his shoes! That was the last time he had vinyl tennies--only breathable leather or canvas from then on.

Ginny said...

It's Saturday--have you found it yet?