Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The First Day of School!

Tommy and Anna were both up and dressed at 7am! We didn't have to leave until 8!
Tommy kept asking me if he could go to the car. He couldn't wait. I swear, he went to the garage about a million times. I finally turned on Spongebob to distract him. I promised the kids a yummy, but not so healthy, breakfast of doughnuts. They ate in the car on the way to McGowen to drop Tommy off.
I thought the 100% juice would help off-set the not-so-healthy food.
Anna and Tommy both picked out their outfits, and Tommy chose how his hair would be cut (I wanted it shorter, but as long as he got SOME kind of haircut, I was happy!). Anna's messenger bag is almost as big as she is! She had a great first day and loves her new teacher, but I think she's re-thinking the bag! It's a little bulky and hard to carry!


Ginny said...

Happy first day of school! At our school the kids were super excited on day one, but dragging by their knuckles on day two when they figured out they had to wake up early again.

Rebecca said...

They look great! I hope they have had a good week!