Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Anna's Birthday Party

So, here's the fabulous cake that I made for Anna. It was hot in the kitchen and it started to melt. It tasted a whole lot better than it looked, and the girls loved it!
Makayla dressed as Lilly from Hannah Montana, and working hard on her t-shirt.
Jane and Taytum working on their necklaces.
Mmmm! Pizza!
The girls got finished with their crafts in less than an hour, and it was a 3 hour party! So, they sat down and watched "Enchanted". We also had a pinata, but I forgot to take pictures! It was so hot outside! All in all, I think the party was a success.


Rebecca said...

Great pics! I can vouch for the tastiness! Mine was delish!!

Texas said...

It looks like a great party! The cake looks good. How can you go wrong with pink frosting and sprinkles. Happy belated birthday Anna.