Monday, August 25, 2008


The first day of school is supposed to be fun and exciting, right? Mine was frustrating and chaotic. Tommy's PPCD class changed schools and teachers this year. I was hoping for a great change and a smooth transition. Boy, was I wrong! First of all, I didn't find out about where his class would be and who his teacher was until last Wednesday! Then, I get to school to drop him off, only to find out that I have to park, unload everyone, fight through the huge crowd of parents waiting in front of the school, and try to get Tommy to his class! His bus schedule was all messed up and they weren't sure about when he would start, so they told me to go ahead and plan on picking him up today, and if there was a change, they would let me know. They didn't. I woke Eddie up from his nap, put him in the car, and headed to McGowen to pick up Tommy. I get there and NO ONE is there where they told me they would be. I wait FOR 15 MINUTES! I finally turn off the car, go inside and TRY to find someone who knows what's going on. The aide comes out and tells me that they PUT TOMMY ON THE BUS! 15 minutes ago!!! She said, "Oh, I'm sorry for the confusion, but maybe you should have called first." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! They told me that THEY would let me know! So, I run to the car, get Eddie back in and head home hoping to get there in time. Then, my cell phone rings. It's the bus driver, and they've been waiting outside the house for 10 minutes! I told her what happened, and she was VERY nice about it, and said she would wait for me. Tommy was fine. He had a great day at school, but he was very happy to see me, and I was relieved to see him. I almost started crying. It's so upseting when the teacher drops the ball, and even more upsetting when you don't know where your child is! I had a good talk with the bus driver and she worked everything out for me so that this won't happen again. If it does, some heads will roll.


Rebecca said...

Oh Melinda that is so awful. I am so sorry that they did that to you. I can only imagine how upsetting that would be.

Rebecca said...
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Ginny said...

Crazy day--glad everything's okay.