Thursday, May 17, 2007

Maybe a little help...

Danny and I are having a lot of trouble coming up with names for this baby! I only have 3 months to go, and we would like to have some help with a name. The middle name is set in stone, so feel free to fill in the blank! _______ Manuel Najera. Any and all ideas are welcome!


Missy said...

I looked up hispanic names online (though I know you're not set on a hispanic name) and came up with a few, among some other more anglo-sounding ones!

Adan Manuel Najera
Aaron Manuel Najera
Cristian Manuel Najera
Luis Manuel Najera
Nathaniel Manuel Najera
Quin Manuel Najera

Edwin Manuel Najera
Henry Manuel Najera
Jack Manuel Najera
Richard Manuel Najera
Austin Manuel Najera
Ezra Manuel Najera
Chad Manuel Najera
William Manuel Najera
Asher Manuel Najera
Ryan Manuel Najera
Dylan Manuel Najera
Andrew Manuel Najera
Gavin Manuel Najera

That's my two cents. I kind of like Luis, Dylan, William...I'm sure you probably hate most of them!

Ginny said...

I kind of like Christian--it would certainly be a fitting name to go with Manuel because he's such a righteous man. And Christian Najera just kind of flows off the tongue. I like Ryan and Aaron, too. I know it's hard when you work at a school b/c you think of all the kids you know with that name.

Melinda said...

Wow, Missy, that's not 2 cents worth, it's more like 2 dollars worth! Baby name overload! We couldn't do William because that's Tommy's middle name! I do like Aaron, though, I haven't had a student with that name, yet (knock on wood).

Missy said...

I actually kind of like Ryan and Cristian too. But whatever!

Missy said...

Oh, AND Aaron is the name of Claire's baby on Lost and Danny watches Lost, so there you go!

Melinda said...

Well, we couldn't do Ryan because that's the name of Danny's High School best friend, and we already named one of kids Tommy which was his OTHER best friend. That would just be wierd. I also couldn't do Cristian, no matter how it's spelled, just because of Christian from High School. Yuck. You see why we're having trouble finding a name?

Missy said...

Aaron still works though, right? :)

juli said...

I like Ezra or Aaron. But maybe someday, assuming I have a son eventually, I'll name my son Ezra, so I think you should go with Aaron. Or Javier/Xavier.