Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Early Spring

I decided to post come pictures of earlier this Spring when it was relatively sunny outside. The pool wasn't open yet, so the kids went into the backyard and played in the sandbox. They filled the lid with water and the sand was already wet and muddy from earlier rains. It was gross, but they had a blast! Tommy stripped down to his diaper and got so yucky that he had some trouble walking, as you can see below. When he finally got into the shower, it looked like he had taken half the sandbox with him in his diaper!

Anna got all ready to go to the pool one day, and we went, only to discover that they had chained it shut! She was really disappointed, but the kids went into the Master bath and "swam" in my big bathtub. They had a lot of fun, but unfortunately, I don't have pictures of that.


Missy said...

I bet Anna was so sad not to be able to go to the pool in her super cute AND super modest swim suit. Nice buy, Melinda! Oh, and Tommy looks like he should be a "Lost Boy" in that photo. :)

Texas said...

It looks like the kids are already having fun this summer. I hope that Anna gets to go to the pool soon.

dpblusmthn said...

Anna is so CUTE! She is such a little diva! I love that!