Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Confessions of an Accidental Killer

Mandie may have killed her camera, but I, Melinda Najera killed a squirrel. Yes, that mangled little body on Cross Bend Drive in Plano was indeed a squirrel. The street was wet and I just couldn't brake fast enough for the little booger. The sickening thump-thump under my tires will haunt me forever, well at least for a couple of days. So I admit it, it was me that killed that squirrel, and I hope to never hit one again!


Missy said...

At least it wasn't a TURTLE like the one you killed when we were in high school! I swear every time I hear crunching under my wheels I think of that poor little guy!

Texas said...

Melinda, you killed a turtle as well as a squirrel...shame shame:)
I suppose I don't have much room to talk. I have done my fair share of running over animals (a guinea and a squirrel).

Ginny said...

Okay, so do you want my creepy tale? One day I was driving with Chrystal and there were a bunch of kids in the road. I slowed down and drove very carefully between them all, not realizing until afterward that they were all watching a toad in the road. I was all proud I didn't hit the kids, but Chrystal was horrified that I squashed the thing right in front of their innocent eyes. Of course, she turned around in her seat and watched them gather around the poor little mutilated body. She reminds me every time we go down that street, which happens to be where her best friend lives! Oh well--it must be something gruesome in our upbringing.

Gab said...

Ewwwww.... Poor squirrel. I remember I was driving once to church, and a car in front of me hit a squirrel, and the poor thing's legs were broken, so it was scooching itself toward the side of the road. It was so sad.

And in Hawaii, Brian ALMOST hit a cat, and it freaked him out.

Why don't the animals learn!!??