Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Anna lost her tooth today!

Anna was eating her lunch today at school when she lost her tooth! She didn't cry, even when she was sent to the nurse's office to get cleaned up. The nurse gave her a cute tooth holder that she could wear as a necklace, and her teacher gave her the special "I lost a tooth" bag. Each student who loses a tooth gets to take home the bag and fill out a special page in a scrapbook about how and when they lost their tooth. They also write about what they think the Tooth Fairy will do with the tooth. Anna said that she thinks the tooth fairy will turn the teeth into daisies. Hmmm...interesting. The bag also has silly books about teeth and the Tooth Fairy. Anna has also discovered that she has ANOTHER loose tooth! She's growing up so fast! Oh, and her face is dirty in the close-up picture because she just finished her snack. She didn't get to finish her lunch at school, so she came home starving!


Mandie said...

What an awesome idea!

Tell Anna I bought a shirt for her. Abby has one just like it so they can be twins! I'll give it to you on Friday.

Texas said...

Wow, loosing teeth was never that fun when I was a kid. Ahhhh, to be a kid in the 2000's.