Thursday, September 14, 2006

Anna's Dance Class and more

Anna is taking dance from a friend of mine who lives out in Wylie. She teaches out of her home, and only charges $20 a month! Anna's dance class is Friday at 4:30 and it seems to be a great end to a busy week of school for her. Anna is now in her 3rd week of dance class and she loves it! She dances around the house, and loves the fact that she's now a real ballerina.

Anna also has her first loose tooth! I can't believe she's growing up so fast! I'll let you know when she finally loses it! She's also doing better with her alphabet. She is required to know all of the letters, upper and lower case, so it's been dificult, but everyday she makes some improvement.

(In the second picture, you can see Tommy with his notorious spoon!)


Randi said...

I swear I just left a comment but now it is not showing up... so, I will leave it again. If there are two comments from me that say the same thing, I am sorry!
Anywho, thanks for the pictures and the post. I cannot believe how grown up your kids are getting. They are cuties. That is great that you found such a great deal on dance lessons! It is no suprise that Anna is enjoying it... she has always been the best dancer at concerts in the garden!

Missy said...

Anna looks so cute with her hair pulled back and not hanging in her face. Maybe she'll let you do that more often!

Mandie said...

I wanna little ballerina girl! She's SO CUTE!!! Unfortunately, I think my child is going to end up like the quirky one in the picture with the spoon.... :)